Saturday, August 6, 2011

Queen's High- 紅粉至尊 (1991)

Great looking poster for the killer 1991 gangland actioner, QUEEN'S HIGH, directed by Chris Lee Kin-sang, best remembered as one of the stuntmen from the infamous POLICE STORY bus stunt-gone-wrong.  Check out the video below to hear Jackie Chan speak about the stunt that left Chris in a coma for 6 1/2 hours.  As for this poster, for me, it displays one of the most iconic stills from heyday HK cinema, Cynthia Khan gripping an Uzi.  The scene, an iconic one as well, has Cynthia's blood spattered bride sprayin' and prayin' up against the bastards that infiltrated her wedding and murdered everyone she held dear.  What's a gal to do!?  VENGANZA!

I have already decided to have Wei hold an Uzi, a toy one of course, on our wedding day.  I just need a shot of my bride heavily armed.  How awesome would that be?

OK.  Here's one of the most memorable scenes put to HK celluloid.  I know you've seen it before and you love it just as much as I do. Enjoy Cynthia and her Uzi!


  1. That is a great poster! QUEEN'S HIGH was one of the very first tapes I rented in Chinatown. Would like to see a better version someday.

  2. Cool poster Kingwho? It's always great to see Cynthia getting her uzi on!

    That's a great idea for the wedding photos, can you imagine what the photographer would think?

  3. And Simon Yam as the perforated groom FTW!

    That stunt-gone-bad in Police Story is actually painful to watch--you can actually feel the neckbones crunching.


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