Monday, January 28, 2013

Packing it in? Maybe?

Hola!  I haven't been around and/or felt much like blogging in a while.  That feeling still has a hold on me and I'm thinking about packing this blog in.  I still collect/blow my hard earned money on HK/Taiwanese cinema garbage every chance I get but blogging about it seems such a chore.  I'm very active on Facebook and still post all sorts of HK/Taiwan movie stuffs over on my FB page on a daily basis.  The audience and response seems to fit me better over there.  If you are not on FB, tis a shame, but if you are and you are not currently one of my FB 'friends', let me know and maybe we can rectify that.  That is if you still want to follow my HK/Taiwan cinema shenanigans.

Anyway, real life has been a roller coaster lately. My wife and I just got back from our honeymoon in Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Those vacation pictures will be going up soon over on Facebook.  So, come join me there.  You may have disdain for FB, or other social websites for that matter, but I cannot stress to you all enough how much networking on FB has enriched my life.  I have met some of the greatest people, with similar interests, that really make me happy on a daily basis.  If you check out my upcoming Hong Kong vacation pics, you'll see why.  To make networking on FB more appealing, here is a list of what I have acquired on my vacation to HK, mostly ALL due to FB:

96 VCD's
12 LD's
14 DVD's
36 posters
8 new friends
3 actor/actress spottings on the street
Drinks with a HK film director

All because of FB.  Seriously.  It was a vacation to end all vacations.   So, come join our merry band on HK/Taiwan cinema loving idiots over on FB.  It will most definitely be worth your while.  And to whet your appetite on the silliness that goes on over there, check me out in Hong Kong....

 Yeah.  This is me.  I have issues.