Monday, May 31, 2010

Anger Girl (1988)


Awesome poster (and one of my favorites) to the 1988 action-drama ANGER GIRL aka ANGRY GIRLS aka DIRTY GIRL aka ANGEL GIRLS. I also have the World Video Supply Inc. VHS and along with these few poster images put up a shot of the video and some screen images. The VHS and poster go by the title ANGER GIRL but a few web sources list the actual title as DIRTY GIRL. Whatever the title, the film is a bit of a misfire mixing silly drama with rather excellent action. The drama weighs heavily on the film and forces it to woefully drag. There are a few action set pieces in the film that fill the final half hour or so and they are pretty damn cool. The trick is wading through the muck that is the first hour of the picture. Nothing much happens so it's a tough go.

Eliza Yue Chi-wai and her lil' friend

World Video Supply Inc. VHS- ANGER GIRL

Friends don't let friends vent their spleens alone

The film stars Eliza Yue Chi-wai, Derek Yee Tung-sing, Ng Man-ling, Lau Siu-gwan, Chor Yuen, Tony Liu Jun-guk, and a small bit by CAT III ass catcher Gam Biu. The plot is kinda ridiculous as a few girls who are done wrong by their men band together to get some redemption. This plot is short lived as a dirty cop, an ex-con, and the son of a triad boss, step into the fray and the cast collectively turns mole hills into the Alps. Thankfully they do, though. If the characters didn't overreact so much there wouldn't be a top notch final third of the film.


One of the films alt. titles is ANGEL GIRLS and most likely trying to capitalize on the kick butt girls-with-guns flick ANGEL, which was released the previous year. This film is also female action-centric but fails to boast the same exuberance and pacing the original ANGEL film had. Though the action set pieces and gun play are above par, they arrive to late to save the film from being just a passable curiosity in the girls-with-guns genre. The action isn't really anything you have not seen before but there are a few rather cool and interesting nuggets of gold. A bit of spoilers here, so be advised. Being the two main leads and the biggest names attached to this piece, Eliza Yue Chi-wai and Derek Yee Tung-sing bite it first. And there is still 30 minutes left in the film! Yue's demise is excellent as she wields two big ass guns and takes on the corrupt copper and his men in a secluded villa. She really gets lit up! The first shot that nails her takes her back into hiding. Wounded just above her breast, Yue pulls back her coat to check the damage, revealing her breast, as blood trickles down and drips from her nipple. A brief but wonderful shot. Now that's girls-with-guns gold!

This game of tag is getting a little too out of control!

Love, Amoeba Style (1997)

Love, Amoeba Style


Bright and shiny-happy poster for the 1997 Shu Kei directed romantic-comedy, LOVE, AMOEBA STYLE. I have not seen the film but it has been in my ever growing stack of movies I would like to see. It's admittedly near the very bottom of the stack but I will get to it one day. If only to see my lover Shu Qi. The film stars a who's who of young hunk actors (Erik Kot Man-fai aside) and pretty starlets from this fledgling moment in time for HK cinema. The poster suffers from the C-town fold so it's in kinda crappy shape. Aside from the fold job the poster is still snazzy and quite an eye catcher.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hong Kong Subtitles

Ummmmm. No thanks. Anyway, I thought that every few days, or every week, or whenever I feel like it, I would throw up one of the many gleefully demented fractured Hong Kong movie subtitles that I have come across over the years. If you are a HK cinema fan i'm sure you have come across some odd subs. A friend of mine started a site for these beautiful subtitles a few months back. But almost as soon as the site went up, the updates ceased. But don't fret my comrades, his Hong Kong Subtitles site lives on through his wonderful Facebook and Twitter pages. They are constantly updated. You can even add your own! So, if you are a Facebooker or a Twitterer, join your ass up!

Oh. The film that this awesome subtitle is from is JUST LOVE, a 1993 sex-fantasy directed by popular CAT III director Lam Yee-hung.

"You daring lousy fatty! How dare you mess up here! Watch my stance!" And click this link:

From the above link you can access the Facebook page and Twitter feed. Enjoy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Night Girls (1986)


Sexy poster for the 1986 adult drama NIGHT GIRLS. I haven't seen this film because I can't find it?! Directed by Richard Yueng Kuen and starring Jo Jo Ngan Lai-yue, and CAT III stalwarts Chan Pooi-kei and the man, the myth, Charlie Cho Cha-lee. I have done a cursory search for the film, because i'm lazy, and can't find it for sale. Any ideas on where I may find it? Seeing as how I fancy myself a Charlie Cho Cha-lee enthusiast ( I use his photo as my profile pic), I feel the need to seek this film out. Maybe I will make my life's work becoming a Cho completest. OK. I do declare, here and now, that I shall not rest until I have seen EVERY Charlie Cho Cha-lee film in existence! A daunting task, i'm sure. I shall search every corner of the earth to uncover lost Cho gems. My mind is now racing. Thinking of the many scenes of Cho I have yet to see that find my new sifu romping with lovelies in his tighty whities. Oh the joy! Reeling and becoming dizzy. I must rest. Too much excitement. I shall begin my search tomorrow.....or the next day. Maybe next week. But i'm busy next week. I'm actually busy for the next month. But July. Definitely in July. My summer is actually free but I like to just relax and lay about in the summer. So, maybe in the fall. Yes. Definitely the fall.

Confucius (2010)


Poster for Hu Mei's 2010 mainland production, CONFUCIUS, starring everyone's favorite actor Chow Yun-fat. How can you not like him?! The film feels a bit insignificant for such a significant character. Director Hu Mei enlivens the life story of Confucius with a few battle scenes spread out in between the philosophers trials and tribulations. If I never see a battle scene in a Chinese movie that has thousands of arrows piercing the sky at one time again, it will be too soon. CONFUCIUS does boast some beautiful scenery of China throughout the film and Chow stoically plays the scholar wonderfully. I'm not sure I could picture another Chinese actor in the role? His presence elevates the film into something of interest. Zhou Xun, a fine actress in her own right, is underused and only seen briefly. Admittedly, I know little about the life of Confucius so I was excited to see one of my favorite actors take on the role. I could watch Chow and maybe pick up a little on the life and times of the man who spawned thousands of fortune cookie fortunes. A win/win. The life of Confucius can't be trivialized into a 2 hour film and this is, in part, where the film falters. As per Wikipedia (forgive me for quoting Wikipedia), the film was criticized for it's "inappropriate levels of action." Though I was taken aback by this as well, the scenes make sense in the context of the era the film is portraying. The waring periods affected Confucius' life greatly and created a depth of character in the film that without would have made the life portrayed on the screen seem bland and really not worth philosophizing about. Chow, once again, does a wonderful job. He is ever watchable.

Chow Yun-fat and Zhou Xun

And now for a Bullets Over Chinatown low brow moment: Confucius say, man who come into money have sticky financial situation.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mail Call. Laserdiscs?

Ms. Mail Lady came by yesterday with another package from my whore mistress Ebay. This time she was toting a box o' HK laserdiscs for me. Now, I missed out on the laserdisc craze of yesteryear and have amassed my collection in the forms of VHS, DVD, and VCD's. I have long refused to buy laserdisc citing me being a poor wino AND the fact that I lack one of those newfangled state of the art laserdisc player contraptions. Well, this past X-mas I popped my LD cherry, so to speak, and Santa Clause brought me my first one. I posted a pic back around X-mas of my new years baby, Bosco Lam Hing-lung's UNDERGROUND BANKER. That was the beginning of the end. I was bitten by the LD bug and have since come to own 38 laserdiscs. YOUNG POLICEMEN IN LOVE, ORGANIZED CRIME AND TRIAD BUREAU, HONG KONG VALENTINO, and THE BLADE are some of the cool titles I hope to feature for you guys in the future.

So today, I went to the car wash to clean my dirty ass Isuzu. I came out of the car wash, made a u-turn, front wheels almost fell off! So now I will have to pay an arm and a nut to get my car fixed. BUT, I just got laserdiscs of THE FRUIT IS SWELLING and TALK TO ME, DICKY so I guess things kinda even out. Who needs a new front axle when you have TALK TO ME, DICKY?

Monday, May 24, 2010

New York Asian Film Festival 2010 Hong Kong and Chinese film line-up

Sammo tunes in Tsim Sha Tsui
The fine folks over @ Subway Cinema have released their 2010 Hong Kong and Chinese film lineup for the upcoming NYAFF starting on June 25th. Opening Night Film is IP MAN 2! The line-up fills out pretty nicely with John Woo's complete and uncircumcised RED CLIFF, BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS + a special screening of the B&A documentary DEVELOPMENT HELL, STORM RIDERS, ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW, LITTLE BIG SOLDIER, and a screening of the HK action classic EASTERN CONDORS. Simon Yam Tat-wah and Sammo Hung Kam-bo will be on hand for a few of the screenings and will be receiving awards on opening night. Legendary kung fu actor Bruce Leung Siu-lung, one of the many clones of Bruce Lee, will be @ the screening of the much anticipated (for me anyway. Have yet to view the trailer. I just want to go in fresh in hopes that this film will defrib and jump start my HK cinema love life) THE GALLANTS. Can not wait! Also, mainland actor Huang Bo will be there for screenings of his films COW and CRAZY RACER. He will also be accepting an award from the fest.
The entire schedule, dates/times and all, should be available the second week in June. I am hoping to score a few tickets for almost ALL of the HK/China related shows. My gf and I will be in San Francisco when the the tickets go on sale so since I will be on west coast time I have already set my alarms for east coast time to wake my ass up before the shows are sold out. I shall also be requesting a wake-up call from the front desk and I also might employ a local prostitute to wake me with a 'hand' shake so I don't miss out.
You can view the complete line-up @ the Subway Cinema blog right here:
Hope to see you @ the fest!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Evolution of Collecting Kung Fu & Asian Film

Mighty Peking Man, or MPM for short, the creator of the Asian cinema review site, recently released an interesting write up on collecting Asian cinema throughout the years. It's a topic I hold near and dear to my heart since I fancy myself a collector of HK cinema. Not to the off the wall, 40 year old virgin, name written on the orange juice carton, live in moms basement extent of some, but 2,400 + HK films is nothing to shake a stick at. MPM's article spans early VHS through the dastardly and sinister P2P file sharing of the Internet. has fallen on hard times in recent years with less reviews being submited (i'm guilty) and only a handful of old timers and a few trolls posting on the forum. The site is still a great source for fan submitted Asian film reviews and I am still a daily visitor. If you haven't visited, give it a go. The link is to the right under 'link's, or just follow the link to MPM's cool-ass article I have lovingly provided below:

Great job MPM!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Excellent Dumpling House. Comrades, Almost a Love Story

Excellent Dumpling House

Here's another Hong Kong/NYC filming location. This one is from Peter Chan Ho-sun's wonderful 1996 romantic comedy, COMRADES, ALMOST A LOVE STORY. This location is in NYC Chinatown on Lafayette St., just south of Canal St. The eatery is called Excellent Dumpling House. The full exterior is never seen in the film, only the shot of the 'Dumpling House' neon sign that is pictured below. We also see a few interior shots in the film. This scene has Leon Lai Ming and Joe Cheung Tung-cho working in the restaurants kitchen. Up front sits Eric Tsang Chi-wai, the boyfriend of Lai's long lost love, Maggie Cheung Man-yuk. A great turning point in the film, giving the viewer butterflies. A near miss. The two lovers are so close. Will they find each other? The laws of film say, "Yup!"

Dumpling House neon sign as seen in the film (1996)

Interior of Excellent Dumpling House (2010)

Eric Tsang Chi-wai perusing the escort services. 'Dumpling House' interior (1996)

OTB over Tsang's shoulder. Its still there. (1996)

Table Tsang sat at while waiting for his din din. (2010)

I went inside for some dinner. I asked (pointed) the 'hostess' if I could sit at the 'Eric Tsang' table. And I did. This was the same chilly ass day I went into the city and took pics and video of the 'Four Seas Restaurant' from A BETTER TOMORROW II and hit the Tribeca Film Festival to see DREAM HOME. I needed to warm up a bit so I ordered Seafood Dumpling Soup and a Shrimp Shanghai Egg Roll. Burned my tongue and the roof of my mouth eating the soup but it was delicious and hit the spot. I played with the shriveled piece of gum hanging from the roof of my mouth while I watched DREAM HOME.

Tsang leaving his table and the 'Dumpling House' (1996)

Just in case you have not seen COMRADES, or don't remember the scene, fast forward the above video to the 13:00 mark. Watch Leon on his cool bicycle cycle through Times Square while Public Enemy blares on the soundtrack. Has he ever covered one of their songs? Maybe 'Night of the Living Baseheads?' The film then cuts to C-town and Lai and Cheung at the 'Dumpling House'. The scene ends around the 14:22 mark.
Below is a short video I took outside of the restaurant. Again, I apologize for my awful New Yawker accent. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trilogy of Lust (1995)


Momma always said, "life is like a porno movie. You never know what you're gonna get?"


In 1995 CAT III starlet Julie Lee Wa-yuet, for whatever reason, decided to push the envelope and go a tad further into debauchery. Forsaking the faux cinematic softcore slap and tickle, Julie felt the need to add actual penis insertion into her awful directorial debut XXX opus of crass proportions. So, Ms. Lee tapped a bunch of unknown actors to tap her ass, spewing forth TRILOGY OF LUST. She also directed the sequel, TRILOGY OF LUST II, which, while not having any scenes of full on hardcoreness, happens to be even more warped and depraved than it's predecessor and only sports a CAT III tag. I will review that dirty gem in the future. As for TRILOGY OF LUST, Julie goes the whole 9, and takes it in almost every hole as well. What was she thinking?

As the feeble story is told, a disgraced medical student, now fishmonger, goes a tad nutty from the daily grind. He up and leaves his fish hawking job in HK, citing mental illness, and treks to the mainland to find a wife, hoping for some steady bump and grind. Once he chooses his new betrothed, actress/writer/ producer/director Lee, from a whore line-up (that includes a transsexual), they go off to spend their remaining days at waters edge on a quiet outlying island. This guy is a tad touched in the head as he proceeds to give his new wife a full physical. Once satisfied his wife is clean he proceeds in sexing her against her will. And away we go! Baw chicka wah wah!!!

The Life Aquatic with Julie Lee Wa-yuet


Lee is unlearned in the way of the flesh which pisses her hubby off. So, he plans an informal bangin' lesson with a local prostitute. He brings her home and makes Lee take notes as he sticks it to the working girl. Lee actually takes notes! Pen to paper! Now that Lee is educated in the ways of being a whore, her burgeoning sexuality rises. Enter young stud delivery boy. And the beginning of the end.

Now that Lee is all sexually charged, she begins an affair with this young buck leading to a handful of silly and repugnant hardcore scenes. Lee takes it and gives it like a semi-pro. There is nothing erotic or sexy about these scenes. As I mentioned previously in my reviews for two other HK hardcore features, IMPETUS FIRE and MIND FUCK, there's a bunch of ugly looking genitalia on display. Though the film is only 15 years old, this is considered ancient times in terms of groin grooming. Someone should have let the male actors in on trimming the bangs to enhance the image of their little buddies. Maybe throw some cover-up on those butt cheek zits. It's all in the presentation. Anyway, when this little affair to remember is discovered, it sets in motion a web of deceit and murder. Why does sex always complicate things?

Julie shows us the erotic pleasures of forearm biting

"I know it's the same size, but, a little lower Julie"


"I think we should incorporate more food into our lovemaking. How 'bout an egg?"

So, after some more of the dirty business, and a few murders, the two young lovers with nothing better to do but bone are on the lam. They trip back to the mainland with intentions of high tailing it southward to Hong Kong where they can hide up. But the border is blocked! Oh no! What to do? What to do? How about some more of the ol' in-out?! On a mountain top overlooking Hong Kong, Lee and her boy toy get down on it. While riding it out on top of the mount, Lee sobs and exclaims, "Finally, I get to see the real Hong Kong." She also adds, "The sky is our wedding quilt. The earth our bed." Ugh. Under such duress, or maybe it was hearing Lee belt out those god-awful awkward lines, the young lad turns to mush and is unable to finish the task at groin. Lee becomes incensed and tries some oral manipulation as well as yelling at the little bugger in between slurps, "get it harder! I want more" Too much pressure for the youngster to overcome. He flips Lee over and decides to use the band of the hand.....or fist. He proceeds to fist pump Lee into disgusting ecstasy. The young fella goes elbow deep as blood spits from Lee's furry basement. All of this occurs as nationalistic music blares in the background. Only Lee's screams of pleasure/ agony shoot through the soundtrack. Upon completion, Lee unexpectedly jumps from the mountain?! Her man takes flight next. The end. Thank gosh!

"Aiyahhhh! It doesn't bend that way babe?!?!"

What the heck was Ms. Lee thinking? She appeared to have a fine and steady career as a CAT III actress in the cream of the CAT III film crop, working with big named actors and directors in the dirty genre's heyday. She only stared in two other films after the TRILOGY OF LUST films. One being the adult classic THE ETERNAL EVIL OF ASIA. I suppose there was another film planned, to complete her skanky 'trilogy', but thankfully she stopped at two. While the film credits only list Lee as the director, other web sources co-credit Mau Dui-fai, or T.F. Mous, with lending a helping hand. Mau is the director of the infamous and nasty MEN BEHIND THE SUN as well as one of it's related sequels BLACK SUN: THE NANKING MASSACRE.

TRILOGY OF LUST tries to be something more cerebral than what is on display. Lee appears to make you want to think with your head above the belt as you stroke the one below it. Her social/political allegory on China-Hong Kong relations is mostly lost due to your blood flow being stuck somewhere in between. Not sexy enough to fully engorge....I mean enjoy, and not smart enough to care.

The DVD copy reviewed here is one of the many flicks I have ordered from those shady gray market companies over the years. This copy is dubbed in English and has Portuguese subtitles. I haven't seen a legit copy anywhere but maybe that is a good thing? I also plan on reviewing TRILOGY OF LUST II. I have the poster for that one and it's pretty damn cool. As I mentioned earlier, part II is only CAT III rated. It is, thankfully, sans actual intercourse but is far more warped than part I, thus proving Ms. Lee had some severe mental issues. It also stars Elvis Tsui Kam-kong so it's ever watchable. That's not to say it's a good movie but it's passable CAT III fare. Stay tuned.

A brief aside on this blogger format. It stinks! If I put too many pictures up, the post becomes incredibly stretched out leaving huge spaces. Am I doing something wrong or can I just blame the blogger format that keeps my blog in the depths of inept low budgetness? But I suppose the low budgetness is part of it's charm? Yes?

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Lost in Chinatown

This way to Chinatown. @#$% Gwailo!!!!
I found this sign a few weeks back while stomping around Chinatown and I suspect it's a joke played by the C-town denizens on us gwailo daytrippers. It is at the northwest corner intersection of Grand St. and Chrystie St. The sign relays that Chinatown is to the north. OK. Maybe for another block or so? But 95% of C-town is in the opposite direction. Is this a subtle way of telling us invaders to go home? I think it is. And it cracks me up. I love it!

Erotic Ghost Story (1990)


Poster and Lobby card for the fun and, well, erotic 1990 spooky boinker EROTIC GHOST STORY. The film that spawned a few sequels and a ton of look-alikes, EROTIC GHOST STORY was lensed by one of the better fantasy directors of the day, Nam Nai-choi. Other films to Nam's credit are the wonderful/ weird THE SEVENTH CURSE, THE PEACOCK KING and it's sequel, SAGA OF THE PHOENIX. The CAT III genre wasn't new to Nam as he also directed the sweet and low down chick revenge drama HER VENGEANCE, that feature Lam Ching-ying kickin' ass in a wheel chair. Unforgettable stuff. He also filmed the cult favorite, STORY OF RICKY. Even more unforgettable stuff!

EROTIC GHOST STORY taps a big CAT III name in Amy Yip Ji-mei and an even bigger CAT III attraction in Yip's juggs. And where there's the Yipster there is also the Yipster's maddening side boob 'Yiptease' shot. As you can see in the above lobby card, the 'Yiptease' is in full effect. To go along with some fine gore and silly bits, the boobage and below the belt abound in this sexy ghost genre classic. Apologies for the crappy poster pic.

Link to my YIPTEASE post:

Link to my STORY OF RICKY post:

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I much prefer the special effects above

to the special effects below. Show of hands. Who's with me?



Erotic Journey (1993)


This is the type of Hong Kong film I love. Unabashed trash. EROTIC JOURNEY is strictly for Category III fans and is reel to reel full of nudity, sex, and a touch of depravity. A very fine triumvirate. Starring the Category III equivalent of Anita Yuen Wing-yee, Chan Wing-chi once again impresses, both with clothes and without. Chan happens to be a fairly decent actress, when she's not flashing her skin or grinding men to a nub. In EROTIC JOURNEY, Chan and her two whorish friends go on a vacation to Thailand. And make a lot of bad choices. -Hey! Let's go to Thailand for vacation! Nothing bad is gonna happen there! We wont get sent to a sexually charged prison camp in the jungle for a crime we didn't commit!- Yup. That old chestnut.

Once settled in Thailand, the three lusketeers go out on the town, trying to figure out how to score on spring break? It's Where the Girls Are '93. Harassed by a bunch of punks, three men come to their aid and start a cheesy fight scene. Noting the men's chivalry at kicking ass, the three tramps decide it's time for some sexual hijinx with these unknown dudes back at the hotel. Lot's of bangin' ensues. And this is just the beginning.

The three men they sex up are small time crooks who have a cache of drugs they want to unload. Looking to deal, they meet up with Dick Wei, a drug lord, and the deal goes sour. Chan and her friends take the fall and are immediately sent to a hell hole. Which means wagon loads of caged heat flesh on display for us! Hooray!

Once entered into the female internment camp, the trio kinda disappear for a while as our attentions are turned to the other lusty inmates and the sex starved prison guards. Many a female gets a prickling (ie. rape) but they really don't seem to mind at all. No one does. Benefiting the viewer. Melvin Wong Gam-san is the lecherous warden and he dresses in U.S. Naval whites, looking like Captain Stubbing!? He really isn't given much to do accept bark a few orders. But that is ok. I would rather gander at the ton of female anatomy on display then at Melvin. Wouldn't you? The above screen shot has the lovely Chan Wing-chi receiving a delivery in the rear.

Amen, brother.

So, pretty much all of the inmates get a rumble in the jungle from the prison guards. No one appears exempt from a good ol' bang around. To balance out the ever loving sex and nakedness, some torture is also thrown in. When a few of the outcasts don't conform they are strong armed, lashed, or buried boob deep as a venomous snake makes the rounds around their upper torso. See screen shot below. In one scene a prisoner is taunted with a live snake. She proceeds in biting the head off of the snake, then spitting it in the prison guards face. That's a no-no! And it's gross. A screen shot is shown above.

Some silliness is squished into the film as well. Some intentional, some not so much. The filmmakers and players seem to understand what they are doing and appear to have a grand old time. This is a cheap ass production but that doesn't mean it can't be done with some fun! In one scene the director seems to flash a knowing wink at the audience as one of the filthy prison guards takes his hat off and covers the camera lens just before turning his attention to his prison lady in waiting. Another 'girls are for loving' scene that takes place on the jungle floor has cut aways to stock footage of tigers on the prowl and crocs with exposed fangs ready to chomp. There is also a STAND BY ME moment as the prison chicks wade through a murky river. Once on the other side they frantically peel leeches off of their wet bodies.

So, as mentioned, there is lots and lots and lots of Category III goodness in this one. A ton of boobies and down below, shower scenes, sex scenes on the floor, sex scenes in the tub, sex scenes in the jungle, twosomes, threesomes, two girls and a guy, two guys and a girl, a bare ass prison scrum, naked frolicking in a river, stock footage of jungle creatures, rapes, ravages, savages, a cheesy fight scene or two, some gun violence, a two minute appearance by Dick Wei, Melvin Wong Gam-san dressed up as Capt. Stubbing, and a brief appearance by a little person. Just because! And all of this in under an hour and twenty minutes!

Great Butt!
EROTIC JOURNEY is simply wonderful trash. Chan Wing-chi is possibly my favorite CAT III actress from this era. She was one of a handful of lesser known CAT III starlets that were overshadowed by Amy Yip Ji-mei's giant juggs. Starting out as a legit actress, it appears she turned to the adult genre while the gettin' was good and flourished there for as long as the genre did. EROTIC JOURNEY ends in great HK film fashion. A final naked romp is in progress. A threesome. And the screen unexpectedly cuts to black and cues credits. Mid-coitus! I love you EROTIC JOURNEY.