Monday, May 31, 2010

Love, Amoeba Style (1997)

Love, Amoeba Style


Bright and shiny-happy poster for the 1997 Shu Kei directed romantic-comedy, LOVE, AMOEBA STYLE. I have not seen the film but it has been in my ever growing stack of movies I would like to see. It's admittedly near the very bottom of the stack but I will get to it one day. If only to see my lover Shu Qi. The film stars a who's who of young hunk actors (Erik Kot Man-fai aside) and pretty starlets from this fledgling moment in time for HK cinema. The poster suffers from the C-town fold so it's in kinda crappy shape. Aside from the fold job the poster is still snazzy and quite an eye catcher.

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