Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Evolution of Collecting Kung Fu & Asian Film

Mighty Peking Man, or MPM for short, the creator of the Asian cinema review site, recently released an interesting write up on collecting Asian cinema throughout the years. It's a topic I hold near and dear to my heart since I fancy myself a collector of HK cinema. Not to the off the wall, 40 year old virgin, name written on the orange juice carton, live in moms basement extent of some, but 2,400 + HK films is nothing to shake a stick at. MPM's article spans early VHS through the dastardly and sinister P2P file sharing of the Internet. has fallen on hard times in recent years with less reviews being submited (i'm guilty) and only a handful of old timers and a few trolls posting on the forum. The site is still a great source for fan submitted Asian film reviews and I am still a daily visitor. If you haven't visited, give it a go. The link is to the right under 'link's, or just follow the link to MPM's cool-ass article I have lovingly provided below:

Great job MPM!


  1. Hard times for sure! lol but hey, I needed a break after all those years of staying up and updating the heck out of it! =D

    Thanks for the link. - mpm

  2. I loved the artice, especially the vhs cover art on both sides of the text. Played the have it/had it/need it game.

  3. Yeah, the cover art on some of the boxes was so cheesy. Some cover art on asian films are STILL cheesy!


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