Saturday, May 15, 2010

Erotic Ghost Story (1990)


Poster and Lobby card for the fun and, well, erotic 1990 spooky boinker EROTIC GHOST STORY. The film that spawned a few sequels and a ton of look-alikes, EROTIC GHOST STORY was lensed by one of the better fantasy directors of the day, Nam Nai-choi. Other films to Nam's credit are the wonderful/ weird THE SEVENTH CURSE, THE PEACOCK KING and it's sequel, SAGA OF THE PHOENIX. The CAT III genre wasn't new to Nam as he also directed the sweet and low down chick revenge drama HER VENGEANCE, that feature Lam Ching-ying kickin' ass in a wheel chair. Unforgettable stuff. He also filmed the cult favorite, STORY OF RICKY. Even more unforgettable stuff!

EROTIC GHOST STORY taps a big CAT III name in Amy Yip Ji-mei and an even bigger CAT III attraction in Yip's juggs. And where there's the Yipster there is also the Yipster's maddening side boob 'Yiptease' shot. As you can see in the above lobby card, the 'Yiptease' is in full effect. To go along with some fine gore and silly bits, the boobage and below the belt abound in this sexy ghost genre classic. Apologies for the crappy poster pic.

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