Friday, November 25, 2011

The Haunted Madam- 師姐撞邪 (1986)

Back when HK cinema bred invention by lack of pocket book, movies like the 1986 spooky kooky action comedy hybrid THE HAUNTED MADAM were part an parcel the energizing efforts that made the west take notice.  For me, anyway.  For all of the straight up Jackie Chan rope ladder stunting and John Woo double fist pump blazing, there were a ton of wonderfully odd marriages of genre.  Like this film.  

As the story goes, 4 comely lady coppers visit a fortune teller who relays their unfortunate fate.  And as the stars of the film usually pan out until the end, some of these lovely little Indians actually meet their maker.  Sometimes in brutal fashion. 
As I'm hard pressed for dialogue these days I'll let the pictures do the talking.  I've been lucky enough to grab a hold of this great films theatrical poster and lobby cards.  The poster came straight outta HK but the lobby cards came from north of the border.  No, not Shenzhen.  My border.  Canada.  The great white tundra.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chinatown At Random

 I'm caught up in the throes of my first cold of the season.  As the used tissues pile up and my snot flows freely, I'm not really up to posting much.  I have often flirted with abandoning this sometimes long winded blog in favor of a more snappier picture laden Tumblr blog.  More pics less blah blah yada yada.  So, as I sip my ginger tea and buzz away on Dayquil, here are a bunch of random pics that I took via IPhone on my last two trips into NYC Chinatown. 

Yao's Dragon Beard Candy @ Canal and Bowery

 Dragon Beard Candy.  I also have a video of this guy making this treat.  Wasn't able to eat any.  A day or so later Wei's mom thought it went bad and tossed it.  She had no clue what it was?!

 For all of your funeral needs, shop Hing Tai Co.!

 Kick ass C-town FDNY truck.

Delicious Da Bao @ Hop Shing, Chatham Sq.

The inner workings of the Da Bao; pork, Chinese sausage, eggs, among other mysteries

We tried a new place instead of going to our usual spot, Big Wong's.  I wasn't impressed as I ordered my usual, but Wei had the roast duck fried noodles and they were tasty.

My usual C-town fare of roast pork, roast duck, and a fried egg over white rice.  



Wei, on the phone with her mom, asking what fatty treats we should bring home.  The roast pork and chicken bun was the winner.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fatal Passion- 致命的誘惑 (1990)

One of my new favorite posters for the 1990 thrillerama (thats thriller-drama), FATAL PASSION, starring Alex Man Chi-leung, Eddy Cheung Siu-fai, Nancy Chang Mei-chi, Cher Yeung Suet-yee, and a small bit by Lo Lieh.  It's a sultry and sexy HK clone of Fatal Attraction.  It even has the word FATAL in the title.  How original?!  But in true to HK cinema form, a hitman is included for the action fans. 

Admittedly, I had never heard of the film until I saw this poster.  It gave me such a wonderful feeling in my loins that I sprang into action and sought the film out.  Lucky me, I found a torrent of the film somewhere in the deep dark nether regions of CAT III cyberspace.  Mazel Tov to the uploader! 

By no means a memorable film and I can say that with confidence because I spun it a few months back and today I couldn't tell you what the heck happened?  But this poster is HOT!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Killing In The Nude- 獻身 (1985)


Salacious title, OK film.  But it has naughty bits, so we love it anyway.  Director Lee Tso-nam might be more recognized for some of his more bizarre Taiwanese films from the late 80's (KUNG FU WONDER CHILD, MAGIC WARRIORS, and MAGIC AMETHYST) than his cheapo 'chop-socky' exploits from the 70's, but his decent little number finds a home somewhere in between.  Mixing vagina and vengeance, but mostly vagina, KILLING IN THE NUDE is a meager success and a worthy precursor to the period piece CAT III films from HK in the early 90's and a direct descendant of the sensually pleasurable nudies from the Shaw Bros. studios in the 70's.

The movie boast Shaw Bros. vamp, Ai Ti, as the main attraction but it's Kim Gee-mei as Orchid and Yagami Yasuko as Orchids kid sis, Hao Hao, who really get to sex and sin it up in the pic.  KILLING IN THE NUDE  is a lady avenger flick that my kick-ass poster makes look a lot better than it is.  It's still a fun period (who knew periods could be this fun?) romp that, after wading through hokey drama and a few fleshy scenes, lives up to it's title in the end.  Yowza!