Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chinatown At Random

 I'm caught up in the throes of my first cold of the season.  As the used tissues pile up and my snot flows freely, I'm not really up to posting much.  I have often flirted with abandoning this sometimes long winded blog in favor of a more snappier picture laden Tumblr blog.  More pics less blah blah yada yada.  So, as I sip my ginger tea and buzz away on Dayquil, here are a bunch of random pics that I took via IPhone on my last two trips into NYC Chinatown. 

Yao's Dragon Beard Candy @ Canal and Bowery

 Dragon Beard Candy.  I also have a video of this guy making this treat.  Wasn't able to eat any.  A day or so later Wei's mom thought it went bad and tossed it.  She had no clue what it was?!

 For all of your funeral needs, shop Hing Tai Co.!

 Kick ass C-town FDNY truck.

Delicious Da Bao @ Hop Shing, Chatham Sq.

The inner workings of the Da Bao; pork, Chinese sausage, eggs, among other mysteries

We tried a new place instead of going to our usual spot, Big Wong's.  I wasn't impressed as I ordered my usual, but Wei had the roast duck fried noodles and they were tasty.

My usual C-town fare of roast pork, roast duck, and a fried egg over white rice.  



Wei, on the phone with her mom, asking what fatty treats we should bring home.  The roast pork and chicken bun was the winner.


  1. Ah one day to wander C-Town w/Jared for days...the seedy underbelly of course ;)

  2. With 2 little kids (who don't like walking) I haven't been up to NY Chinatown in soo long. The Philly one stinks.

  3. kngfu, the NYC Chinatown is creeping along. Expanding. But the HK cinema scene is on life support.

  4. Ahh excellent shots, makes me miss New York so much.


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