Friday, April 26, 2013

More Hong Kong Penthouse In The House!

Another week comes and another batch of HK nudie mags arrive at my doorstep.  What a wonderful world.  The glorious visage that graces the April 1994 version of Hong Kong Penthouse is that of the damn fine Mrs. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Carina Lau.  Of course, Mrs. Leung doesn't do nekkidness so there is only what Penthouse calls a 'Star Focus' article on her film career.  Still awesome nonetheless.

 And now we jump from an actress who never sheds her threads to one who not only drops trough but shows you the her pink AND her stink.  Can I be any cruder?  Sheeesh!  Sorry 'bout that one folks!  Hahaha  The magnificently trampy Julie Lee Wah-Yuet funkifies the cover of the May 1994 issue.  A nice, long pictorial is crammed into this volume as Julie touts her just released CAT IV flicker, TRILOGY OF LUST.
 Stills from TRILOGY OF LUST (1995)

 The July 1992 cover boasts Greenstreet Kan.  Kan may not be too well known among most HK movie fans but has appeared in over a dozen films and might be more well known as a HK personality.  The indispensable website, Hong Kong Cinema- View From The Brooklyn Bridge, states that, "At the age of 70, he managed to marry a woman 50 yrs his junior and kept his sex schedule busy."  Right on, good sir!  Sadly, Kan has shuffled off this mortal coil, but certainly not after shuffling his knuckles a time or two.

A favorite actress of mine, Ms. Isabelle Chow, who in the last post shined on a Playboy cover, sells her appearance in the CAT III classic, SEX AND ZEN with a movie still pictorial in the December 1992 issue.  

 SEX AND ZEN (1991)

This fresh faced, crooked toothed starlet is Japanese AV actress turned CAT III actress, albeit ever so briefly, Madoka Ozawa.  Livening up the October 1997 issue as her only HK film credit, DON'T TELL MY PARTNER, was released the same month.

This is the only pic I can show you from her pictorial.  Yikes!  It's skin to win.  Orthodontists be damned!  Also in the issue is an interview with HK comedian/actor Dayo Wong, pictured below.  It looks like Dayo is engaged in some auto-erotica.  Maybe thinking of Madoka's mangled incisors?  Freak!

Another AV starlet cum (heeheeheeee) CAT III actress, Miho Nomoto, beautifies this December 1995 dirty rag.  She has a fine looking 'spread' in the mag but, of course, I can't show any of the pics.  This is a family blog!  Check more Miho out HERE.

Also in this issue is an article/interview with sexy beast cop (a FB friend came up with that one.  Thanks!), Anthony Wong.  Above, Wong looks dreamy...then not so much, as he appears to be showing his 'O' face.  

 Hey, ladies!  This ain't a beer belly.  It's a fuel tank for a sex machine!

Oh, yeah!  Saving the best for last, but certainly not least.  The September 1994 issue blazes through us with the uh-maz-ing Chingmy Yau on the cover.  No nudie cutie pictorial as that is not Chingmy's bag.  It's my bag, baby.  And if I choose to fantasize about Chingmy in the buff, then that is my gosh given right.  I know you're doing the same. 

Chingmy Yau-za!!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Further CAT III Perversions Of Bullets Over Chinatown

Ahhh.  More lad mags for the fans.  Freed up some money and bought another batch of HK Playboy's. You can find the other post of assorted adult entertainment papers HERE.  Sooooo, let's begin.  Above is the August 1989 print of Playboy.  The cover model is actress Mondi Yau, who was Miss Asia in 1987.  Circa 1989, Mondi had a bit role in Jackie Chan's MR. CANTON AND LADY ROSE (1989) before moving on to a mixed bag of mainstream and CAT III claptrap.  Mondi doesn't shed any clothes in her pictorial and rarely, if ever, showed any goodies on screen.  Check Mondi out in TEMPTATION SUMMARY (1990), GHOST PUNTING (1992), FRIDAY GIGOLO (1992), HER JUDGEMENT DAY (1993), I LOVE MISS FOX (1993), and THE ROMANCE OF THE VAMPIRES (1994).

Mondi!?  How scandalous!!!!  Cover up those shoulders!

Next up is the awesome October 1992 cover touting the film THE GIRLS FROM CHINA (1992), starring the two cover girls, Isabelle Chow and the late-great Pauline Chan. While there is no steamy pictorial between the two starlets on view in this issue, there is a small article and a few screen shots of the movie.  Also in this issue is a rather lengthy interview with Eric Tsang.  In Chinese, of course.  Drats!

A Man Suddenly In Black

The booty of former Japanese AV star, Rena Murakami, graces the cover of the January 1992 issue.  This same image also adorns the HK movie poster for the Murakima co-starring vehicle, and one of my favorite HK movies of all time, ESCAPE FROM BROTHEL (1992).  And if Ms. Murakami doesn't tickle your pickle, there is an article on the films of Woody Allen.  That might do it for ya? 

And the playmate of the Month for January '92?  Japanese model turned CAT III actress Tamami Asuka.  Tamami appeared in a few films, the CAT III one's being HIDDEN PASSION (1991), LOVE IN SAMPAN (1992) and DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS (1993).  You can check out my review and a few screenies of HIDDEN PASSION right HERE.

More of the former Miss Asia, Isabelle Chow, now with a little play pal, on the cover of the July 1992 issue.  Does anyone know who her partner is?  She doesn't ring any bells. 
Nothing much of note in this issue aside from Isabelle and her lady friends shenanigans but there is also a laserdisc review of Sammo's MY FLYING WIFE (1991)!

Isabelle and ?

The underrated and woefully underutilized Eliza Yue surprisingly goes topless for the cover of the July 1987 issue.  Though initially making her name in CAT III productions like YU PUI TSUEN (1987), MIDNIGHT (1987), and CURSE(1988), Eliza jumped over into more mainstream films with limited success.  The early 90's CAT III craze saw her slip back into the grunge with cheap goodies like JUST LOVE (1992), ANGEL DELIGHT (1992), EVIL BLACK MAGIC (1992), LOVE NEST (1992), and MY BETTER HALF (1993).  Eliza's pictorial is darkly lit and mostly artsy fartsy but would satisfy a curious pervs need for HK cinema tartlet.  I guess?  I mean, who lets her tit fall out of her negligee while sipping tea in a restaurant?  My man rack stays snug and secure in my nightie while dining out.

Also part of the Eliza Yue issue is an interview with one of HK's best directors, Ms. Ann Hui.  Yes.  Ann Hui is in Playboy.  Ha!  There is also a segment of '20 Questions' with Kathleen Turner, before she ate a small village.

And last, but certainly not least.  My favorite issue of the bunch.  The February 1992 issue with my darling Chan Wing-Chi adorning the cover.  Look at the ass....I mean punim!  Adorable.

Wing-Chi has quite the pictorial spread in this issue as she is also the Playmate of the Month.  But what is so fascinating is that she doesn't really show anything!?  Is this a first for a Playmate of the Month?  Bum crack ass-ide (a-thank you), Wing-Chi goes the Austin Powers route and happily blocks all of the meat and potatoes. 
Curious, in that she has no problem going the full Monty for cinema.  At any rate, I'll take my Wing-Chi any way I can get her.  Fully clothed in a parka or burka.  Either will do just fine.

Aside from the allure of my lovely Ms. Chan, there is also a Latoya Jackson pictorial that looks to be transplanted from the US version.  I vaguely remember my best friends older brother acquiring a copy of the famed 'Latoya' Playboy and the pics look similar.  Yikes!  There is also a Bruce Lee article on hand if the Latoya layout just F's you up too much.

And, along for this wonderful issues ride, a write up of one of the BEST HK movies ever......


Pauline Chan Bo-Lin (1973-2002)

So, another fine purchase, if I do say so myself.  And there are more mags on the way.  So, I'll end this post with the labored cliche, "I only read Playboy for the articles!"  Actually, if I could read Chinese, that just might be true.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Return Of The HK/Taiwan Movie Poster. Maybe?

Hey!  That's me in Sheung Wan, HK.  I just left the office space of an, up until 10 minutes before this pic was taken, online friend.  The vast majority of my HK movie posters (the cool ones anyway) are ordered from this great gent and after a few years of order forms and emails, I finally had the pleasure of meeting him.  And what a wonderful guy!  Anyway, I haven't posted a poster on the blog in quite a while but I am still very active 'collecting' posters.  I actually post a new poster to my Facebook page just about every day.  One of the reasons I ceased bringing posters to the blog was that the images, in one or two cases anyway, were being used on other sites with that sites watermark stamped over the image.  The balls on some people!  Initially I took offense but I have since relaxed a bit and just shrug my shoulders in understanding that some people just suck.  So,  I'm thinking of bringing back posters (and other HK/Taiwanese cinema ephemera) back to the blog.  Steal the images if you want.  Watermark them.  Just remember.  I know where you live.  And I'm bringing Dr. Lamb with me.

A bit of a landmark happened recently.  And it's orgasmic for a HK movie nerd and 'collector' like myself.  Even if it's just a minor crotch tremor, it still  makes me happy.  I have passed the 400 HK/Taiwan movie poster mark.  I have blown a ton of money on these posters.  Surely money that could have been spent better elsewhere but, what's done is done.  For those that are interested, keep your eyes peeled.  A cool poster or two might pop up?!  What the heck else am I going to do with them? 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

So. Does This Officially Make Me An Old Perverted Weirdo?

Maybe you will be able to make a more informed decision by the end of this post?  Think of me what you will, I'm having a ton of fun either way, and trying to carry on the good name of HK CAT III well into the new school of Hong Kong cinema.   And, yes.  That is me in the above picture on the adult magazine paved streets of HK as my poor wife snaps a pic of me perusing a newsstand for old lad mags.  The search for all that is CAT III and paperbound started on my trip to HK.  And the quest for CAT III entertainment continues..................
To perpetuate my online, well heck, my 'real life' persona, of a purveyor of all that is HK CAT III, I have started to gather old adult magazines and picture books that boast heyday HK entertainers.  Whether they are just cover models to sell a rag or actually baring their lovely assets in between the pages,  I'm finding it to be an interesting path I'm heading down.  Now, to be honest, I could really care less about the nudity in these mags.  I've been around the block a few times and this stuff is woefully tame to me.  Heck.  I'm married.  I see a live naked lady every day!  I hope my wife doesn't read this post.  Anyway, above, is one of two Amy Yip Penthouse mags that I picked up in HK.  She's just a cover presence here.  And, as I have given these mags and books a cursory look or two, I have discovered the immediate need to want to be able to read Chinese!  The old cliched joke of "reading these magazines just for the articles" has proven to be true! 

A real collectors item, this is the Amy Yip SEX AND ZEN issue of Penthouse.  This fetches about $150US on eBay. 

One of my favorite HK actresses who was able to juggle both a CAT III and non-CAT III career, Rachel/Loretta/Loletta/ Lee Lai-Chun graces the cover, and the cover only, of this rare Penthouse.  I picked this up at a HK newsstand as well.  Also check here for an earlier post about one of her photobooks.

Alrighty.  So, a few months back home saw my brief infatuation with HK adult mags all but forgotten until I came across this image of another of my favorite CAT III actresses.  The adorable Chan Wing-Chi.  I quickly searched for this issue and just as quickly found it on eBay.  Dirt cheap.  Yoink!  This issue looks to have a cool article by Greenstreet Kan that covers mahjong, dice, chess, board games, card games, dominoes, and fortune telling.  Odd, yet, so darn cool. 

Along with the Chan Wing-Chi issue, the same seller had a few other mags with HK actresses, at the very least, gracing their covers.  So, I of course picked them up.  Above is Sherming Yiu Lok-Yi, a non CAT III actress who has a fully clothed fotofolio and interview in the mag.  Also, there is an interview with Danny Lee accompanied by a few photos of him puffing on a pipe.  AWESOME!!!  There's also a bonus interview with the superb actress, Ruby Wong Cheuk-Ling.  
This one caught me by surprise.  A very un-CAT III actress on the cover of a HK Playboy.  Teresa Carpio.  And, upon a very...very....quick thumb through, Ms. Carpio is quite without a t-shirt.  This issue is boss!  Included is an interview with Sammo Hung (I should have scanned one of the pics that's included in the interview.  He's wearing a wife-beater, bandana around his forehead, and aviators.  Ha!), a Jay Leno style pictorial and another interview with Dolph Lundgren.

Another mag I had the fortune of picking up off of eBay and another post 2000 CAT III actress on the cover and between the pages.  Grace Lam Nga-Si.  Also in this issue, an interview with Bill Tung Biu.

And now back to HK.  I recall picking this up on the way to watch the light show at the harbor.  Nude photo book of Miho Nomoto.  Probably best remembered, by me anyway, as Jade Leung's unfortunate friend in THE PEEPING TOM (1997).

One of the surprises of my HK trip was finding this photo book.  I think it was early on in our trip that we ventured into Chungking Mansions to check things out.  Shady as hell, and loving every minute of it, I found this excellent book as well as another eye opening photo spread that I had no idea existed.  That book is posted below.  Here is another actresses who, like Loletta Lee, successfully navigated the CAT III and non-CAT III HK cinema waters, Ellen Chan Nga-Lun.  Ellen is still active in HK films, thankfully, but is now all pro and non filth.  And that is not a bad thing.  If you are on Facebook, you can 'friend request' her or just follow what she's up to.  I'm, of course, a friend.  I'd like to think a good friend at that!  Ha!

Before she was a Jackie Chan leading lady, Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu showed more than her fair share of goosebumps on film.  And I was pleasantly surprised to find this book at a newsstand in TST.  I didn't have enough money on me for the book so I ran to a money exchange joint around the corner (and got a little ripped off as I had seen the exchange rate a lot better elsewhere) for more money.  Money well exchanged and spent.

And another Jackie Chan leading lady with a gloriously shady past.  Shu Qi has a few skeletons in her closet.  Just do a Google image search for her unclothed, and....viola!  More pink than a bottle of Pepto Bismol!  Above is the photo book for SEX AND ZEN II.  A great, great sequel directed by Cash Chin and also starring Loletta Lee.  She's on the cover.  And thankfully inside.

And more Shu Qi.  She has her fair share of photo books and nudie DVD collections to her name and it makes me so happy that she has turned herself into a worldwide legit actress.  I could care less if I ever see Shu Qi in her b-day suit again.  She has been exposed as a fine screen presence and just so dang much more than nips and lips.  She is my favorite actress, when Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk isn''t onscreen.
And what would a post about nudie HK actresses be without the wonder of them all, Ms. Julie Lee Wa-Yuet?  A conundrum of a HK skinema starlet, Julie made the leap from CAT III to CAT IV with not much aplomb but with western fan notoriety.  I also found this photo essay in Chungking Mansions!  You can further check her out here.  Yipes!
Now, as almost as soon as I have received these pictorials, I have banished them into plastic protective wrapping and into storage for gosh knows how many years and never to be seen again (well, maybe), does this make me an old pervert?  A weirdo?  Both?  As I said earlier, think of me what you will.  I'm probably having more fun than you continuing my HK cinema journey!  And there should, hopefully, be more books and mags in the future.  Oh, my poor wife.