Friday, April 12, 2013

Return Of The HK/Taiwan Movie Poster. Maybe?

Hey!  That's me in Sheung Wan, HK.  I just left the office space of an, up until 10 minutes before this pic was taken, online friend.  The vast majority of my HK movie posters (the cool ones anyway) are ordered from this great gent and after a few years of order forms and emails, I finally had the pleasure of meeting him.  And what a wonderful guy!  Anyway, I haven't posted a poster on the blog in quite a while but I am still very active 'collecting' posters.  I actually post a new poster to my Facebook page just about every day.  One of the reasons I ceased bringing posters to the blog was that the images, in one or two cases anyway, were being used on other sites with that sites watermark stamped over the image.  The balls on some people!  Initially I took offense but I have since relaxed a bit and just shrug my shoulders in understanding that some people just suck.  So,  I'm thinking of bringing back posters (and other HK/Taiwanese cinema ephemera) back to the blog.  Steal the images if you want.  Watermark them.  Just remember.  I know where you live.  And I'm bringing Dr. Lamb with me.

A bit of a landmark happened recently.  And it's orgasmic for a HK movie nerd and 'collector' like myself.  Even if it's just a minor crotch tremor, it still  makes me happy.  I have passed the 400 HK/Taiwan movie poster mark.  I have blown a ton of money on these posters.  Surely money that could have been spent better elsewhere but, what's done is done.  For those that are interested, keep your eyes peeled.  A cool poster or two might pop up?!  What the heck else am I going to do with them? 

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