Thursday, April 4, 2013

So. Does This Officially Make Me An Old Perverted Weirdo?

Maybe you will be able to make a more informed decision by the end of this post?  Think of me what you will, I'm having a ton of fun either way, and trying to carry on the good name of HK CAT III well into the new school of Hong Kong cinema.   And, yes.  That is me in the above picture on the adult magazine paved streets of HK as my poor wife snaps a pic of me perusing a newsstand for old lad mags.  The search for all that is CAT III and paperbound started on my trip to HK.  And the quest for CAT III entertainment continues..................
To perpetuate my online, well heck, my 'real life' persona, of a purveyor of all that is HK CAT III, I have started to gather old adult magazines and picture books that boast heyday HK entertainers.  Whether they are just cover models to sell a rag or actually baring their lovely assets in between the pages,  I'm finding it to be an interesting path I'm heading down.  Now, to be honest, I could really care less about the nudity in these mags.  I've been around the block a few times and this stuff is woefully tame to me.  Heck.  I'm married.  I see a live naked lady every day!  I hope my wife doesn't read this post.  Anyway, above, is one of two Amy Yip Penthouse mags that I picked up in HK.  She's just a cover presence here.  And, as I have given these mags and books a cursory look or two, I have discovered the immediate need to want to be able to read Chinese!  The old cliched joke of "reading these magazines just for the articles" has proven to be true! 

A real collectors item, this is the Amy Yip SEX AND ZEN issue of Penthouse.  This fetches about $150US on eBay. 

One of my favorite HK actresses who was able to juggle both a CAT III and non-CAT III career, Rachel/Loretta/Loletta/ Lee Lai-Chun graces the cover, and the cover only, of this rare Penthouse.  I picked this up at a HK newsstand as well.  Also check here for an earlier post about one of her photobooks.

Alrighty.  So, a few months back home saw my brief infatuation with HK adult mags all but forgotten until I came across this image of another of my favorite CAT III actresses.  The adorable Chan Wing-Chi.  I quickly searched for this issue and just as quickly found it on eBay.  Dirt cheap.  Yoink!  This issue looks to have a cool article by Greenstreet Kan that covers mahjong, dice, chess, board games, card games, dominoes, and fortune telling.  Odd, yet, so darn cool. 

Along with the Chan Wing-Chi issue, the same seller had a few other mags with HK actresses, at the very least, gracing their covers.  So, I of course picked them up.  Above is Sherming Yiu Lok-Yi, a non CAT III actress who has a fully clothed fotofolio and interview in the mag.  Also, there is an interview with Danny Lee accompanied by a few photos of him puffing on a pipe.  AWESOME!!!  There's also a bonus interview with the superb actress, Ruby Wong Cheuk-Ling.  
This one caught me by surprise.  A very un-CAT III actress on the cover of a HK Playboy.  Teresa Carpio.  And, upon a very...very....quick thumb through, Ms. Carpio is quite without a t-shirt.  This issue is boss!  Included is an interview with Sammo Hung (I should have scanned one of the pics that's included in the interview.  He's wearing a wife-beater, bandana around his forehead, and aviators.  Ha!), a Jay Leno style pictorial and another interview with Dolph Lundgren.

Another mag I had the fortune of picking up off of eBay and another post 2000 CAT III actress on the cover and between the pages.  Grace Lam Nga-Si.  Also in this issue, an interview with Bill Tung Biu.

And now back to HK.  I recall picking this up on the way to watch the light show at the harbor.  Nude photo book of Miho Nomoto.  Probably best remembered, by me anyway, as Jade Leung's unfortunate friend in THE PEEPING TOM (1997).

One of the surprises of my HK trip was finding this photo book.  I think it was early on in our trip that we ventured into Chungking Mansions to check things out.  Shady as hell, and loving every minute of it, I found this excellent book as well as another eye opening photo spread that I had no idea existed.  That book is posted below.  Here is another actresses who, like Loletta Lee, successfully navigated the CAT III and non-CAT III HK cinema waters, Ellen Chan Nga-Lun.  Ellen is still active in HK films, thankfully, but is now all pro and non filth.  And that is not a bad thing.  If you are on Facebook, you can 'friend request' her or just follow what she's up to.  I'm, of course, a friend.  I'd like to think a good friend at that!  Ha!

Before she was a Jackie Chan leading lady, Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu showed more than her fair share of goosebumps on film.  And I was pleasantly surprised to find this book at a newsstand in TST.  I didn't have enough money on me for the book so I ran to a money exchange joint around the corner (and got a little ripped off as I had seen the exchange rate a lot better elsewhere) for more money.  Money well exchanged and spent.

And another Jackie Chan leading lady with a gloriously shady past.  Shu Qi has a few skeletons in her closet.  Just do a Google image search for her unclothed, and....viola!  More pink than a bottle of Pepto Bismol!  Above is the photo book for SEX AND ZEN II.  A great, great sequel directed by Cash Chin and also starring Loletta Lee.  She's on the cover.  And thankfully inside.

And more Shu Qi.  She has her fair share of photo books and nudie DVD collections to her name and it makes me so happy that she has turned herself into a worldwide legit actress.  I could care less if I ever see Shu Qi in her b-day suit again.  She has been exposed as a fine screen presence and just so dang much more than nips and lips.  She is my favorite actress, when Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk isn''t onscreen.
And what would a post about nudie HK actresses be without the wonder of them all, Ms. Julie Lee Wa-Yuet?  A conundrum of a HK skinema starlet, Julie made the leap from CAT III to CAT IV with not much aplomb but with western fan notoriety.  I also found this photo essay in Chungking Mansions!  You can further check her out here.  Yipes!
Now, as almost as soon as I have received these pictorials, I have banished them into plastic protective wrapping and into storage for gosh knows how many years and never to be seen again (well, maybe), does this make me an old pervert?  A weirdo?  Both?  As I said earlier, think of me what you will.  I'm probably having more fun than you continuing my HK cinema journey!  And there should, hopefully, be more books and mags in the future.  Oh, my poor wife.


  1. If you are sane enough to ask if you are crazy, then you are NOT crazy. So if ask if you are perverted, then, well, maybe the analogy doesn't always work ... :)

  2. hahaha Very funny. Thanks, Diana. :)

  3. Nice!
    Just picked up the Amy Yip Sex and Zen issue...and not for $160. ;)

    Love reading your blog (and visiting you on fb).


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