Monday, May 24, 2010

New York Asian Film Festival 2010 Hong Kong and Chinese film line-up

Sammo tunes in Tsim Sha Tsui
The fine folks over @ Subway Cinema have released their 2010 Hong Kong and Chinese film lineup for the upcoming NYAFF starting on June 25th. Opening Night Film is IP MAN 2! The line-up fills out pretty nicely with John Woo's complete and uncircumcised RED CLIFF, BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS + a special screening of the B&A documentary DEVELOPMENT HELL, STORM RIDERS, ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW, LITTLE BIG SOLDIER, and a screening of the HK action classic EASTERN CONDORS. Simon Yam Tat-wah and Sammo Hung Kam-bo will be on hand for a few of the screenings and will be receiving awards on opening night. Legendary kung fu actor Bruce Leung Siu-lung, one of the many clones of Bruce Lee, will be @ the screening of the much anticipated (for me anyway. Have yet to view the trailer. I just want to go in fresh in hopes that this film will defrib and jump start my HK cinema love life) THE GALLANTS. Can not wait! Also, mainland actor Huang Bo will be there for screenings of his films COW and CRAZY RACER. He will also be accepting an award from the fest.
The entire schedule, dates/times and all, should be available the second week in June. I am hoping to score a few tickets for almost ALL of the HK/China related shows. My gf and I will be in San Francisco when the the tickets go on sale so since I will be on west coast time I have already set my alarms for east coast time to wake my ass up before the shows are sold out. I shall also be requesting a wake-up call from the front desk and I also might employ a local prostitute to wake me with a 'hand' shake so I don't miss out.
You can view the complete line-up @ the Subway Cinema blog right here:
Hope to see you @ the fest!

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