Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hong Kong Subtitles

Ummmmm. No thanks. Anyway, I thought that every few days, or every week, or whenever I feel like it, I would throw up one of the many gleefully demented fractured Hong Kong movie subtitles that I have come across over the years. If you are a HK cinema fan i'm sure you have come across some odd subs. A friend of mine started a site for these beautiful subtitles a few months back. But almost as soon as the site went up, the updates ceased. But don't fret my comrades, his Hong Kong Subtitles site lives on through his wonderful Facebook and Twitter pages. They are constantly updated. You can even add your own! So, if you are a Facebooker or a Twitterer, join your ass up!

Oh. The film that this awesome subtitle is from is JUST LOVE, a 1993 sex-fantasy directed by popular CAT III director Lam Yee-hung.

"You daring lousy fatty! How dare you mess up here! Watch my stance!" And click this link:

From the above link you can access the Facebook page and Twitter feed. Enjoy!

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