Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mail Call. Laserdiscs?

Ms. Mail Lady came by yesterday with another package from my whore mistress Ebay. This time she was toting a box o' HK laserdiscs for me. Now, I missed out on the laserdisc craze of yesteryear and have amassed my collection in the forms of VHS, DVD, and VCD's. I have long refused to buy laserdisc citing me being a poor wino AND the fact that I lack one of those newfangled state of the art laserdisc player contraptions. Well, this past X-mas I popped my LD cherry, so to speak, and Santa Clause brought me my first one. I posted a pic back around X-mas of my new years baby, Bosco Lam Hing-lung's UNDERGROUND BANKER. That was the beginning of the end. I was bitten by the LD bug and have since come to own 38 laserdiscs. YOUNG POLICEMEN IN LOVE, ORGANIZED CRIME AND TRIAD BUREAU, HONG KONG VALENTINO, and THE BLADE are some of the cool titles I hope to feature for you guys in the future.

So today, I went to the car wash to clean my dirty ass Isuzu. I came out of the car wash, made a u-turn, front wheels almost fell off! So now I will have to pay an arm and a nut to get my car fixed. BUT, I just got laserdiscs of THE FRUIT IS SWELLING and TALK TO ME, DICKY so I guess things kinda even out. Who needs a new front axle when you have TALK TO ME, DICKY?


  1. Oh god, I recognize that Fruit is Swelling cover from the DVD! I think I've got Fruit is Swelling number 3 (?) somewhere too.

  2. I was bitten by the LD bug back then. My Tai Seng and japanese imports cost me a ton. Now those films are available for $10 or less.

    I have a few cool ones:
    DRUNKEN MASTER 2 and NEW LEGEND OF SHAOLIN from Japan are my favorites.

  3. i too suffer from the LD bug. check out my blog


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