Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trilogy of Lust (1995)


Momma always said, "life is like a porno movie. You never know what you're gonna get?"


In 1995 CAT III starlet Julie Lee Wa-yuet, for whatever reason, decided to push the envelope and go a tad further into debauchery. Forsaking the faux cinematic softcore slap and tickle, Julie felt the need to add actual penis insertion into her awful directorial debut XXX opus of crass proportions. So, Ms. Lee tapped a bunch of unknown actors to tap her ass, spewing forth TRILOGY OF LUST. She also directed the sequel, TRILOGY OF LUST II, which, while not having any scenes of full on hardcoreness, happens to be even more warped and depraved than it's predecessor and only sports a CAT III tag. I will review that dirty gem in the future. As for TRILOGY OF LUST, Julie goes the whole 9, and takes it in almost every hole as well. What was she thinking?

As the feeble story is told, a disgraced medical student, now fishmonger, goes a tad nutty from the daily grind. He up and leaves his fish hawking job in HK, citing mental illness, and treks to the mainland to find a wife, hoping for some steady bump and grind. Once he chooses his new betrothed, actress/writer/ producer/director Lee, from a whore line-up (that includes a transsexual), they go off to spend their remaining days at waters edge on a quiet outlying island. This guy is a tad touched in the head as he proceeds to give his new wife a full physical. Once satisfied his wife is clean he proceeds in sexing her against her will. And away we go! Baw chicka wah wah!!!

The Life Aquatic with Julie Lee Wa-yuet


Lee is unlearned in the way of the flesh which pisses her hubby off. So, he plans an informal bangin' lesson with a local prostitute. He brings her home and makes Lee take notes as he sticks it to the working girl. Lee actually takes notes! Pen to paper! Now that Lee is educated in the ways of being a whore, her burgeoning sexuality rises. Enter young stud delivery boy. And the beginning of the end.

Now that Lee is all sexually charged, she begins an affair with this young buck leading to a handful of silly and repugnant hardcore scenes. Lee takes it and gives it like a semi-pro. There is nothing erotic or sexy about these scenes. As I mentioned previously in my reviews for two other HK hardcore features, IMPETUS FIRE and MIND FUCK, there's a bunch of ugly looking genitalia on display. Though the film is only 15 years old, this is considered ancient times in terms of groin grooming. Someone should have let the male actors in on trimming the bangs to enhance the image of their little buddies. Maybe throw some cover-up on those butt cheek zits. It's all in the presentation. Anyway, when this little affair to remember is discovered, it sets in motion a web of deceit and murder. Why does sex always complicate things?

Julie shows us the erotic pleasures of forearm biting

"I know it's the same size, but, a little lower Julie"


"I think we should incorporate more food into our lovemaking. How 'bout an egg?"

So, after some more of the dirty business, and a few murders, the two young lovers with nothing better to do but bone are on the lam. They trip back to the mainland with intentions of high tailing it southward to Hong Kong where they can hide up. But the border is blocked! Oh no! What to do? What to do? How about some more of the ol' in-out?! On a mountain top overlooking Hong Kong, Lee and her boy toy get down on it. While riding it out on top of the mount, Lee sobs and exclaims, "Finally, I get to see the real Hong Kong." She also adds, "The sky is our wedding quilt. The earth our bed." Ugh. Under such duress, or maybe it was hearing Lee belt out those god-awful awkward lines, the young lad turns to mush and is unable to finish the task at groin. Lee becomes incensed and tries some oral manipulation as well as yelling at the little bugger in between slurps, "get it harder! I want more" Too much pressure for the youngster to overcome. He flips Lee over and decides to use the band of the hand.....or fist. He proceeds to fist pump Lee into disgusting ecstasy. The young fella goes elbow deep as blood spits from Lee's furry basement. All of this occurs as nationalistic music blares in the background. Only Lee's screams of pleasure/ agony shoot through the soundtrack. Upon completion, Lee unexpectedly jumps from the mountain?! Her man takes flight next. The end. Thank gosh!

"Aiyahhhh! It doesn't bend that way babe?!?!"

What the heck was Ms. Lee thinking? She appeared to have a fine and steady career as a CAT III actress in the cream of the CAT III film crop, working with big named actors and directors in the dirty genre's heyday. She only stared in two other films after the TRILOGY OF LUST films. One being the adult classic THE ETERNAL EVIL OF ASIA. I suppose there was another film planned, to complete her skanky 'trilogy', but thankfully she stopped at two. While the film credits only list Lee as the director, other web sources co-credit Mau Dui-fai, or T.F. Mous, with lending a helping hand. Mau is the director of the infamous and nasty MEN BEHIND THE SUN as well as one of it's related sequels BLACK SUN: THE NANKING MASSACRE.

TRILOGY OF LUST tries to be something more cerebral than what is on display. Lee appears to make you want to think with your head above the belt as you stroke the one below it. Her social/political allegory on China-Hong Kong relations is mostly lost due to your blood flow being stuck somewhere in between. Not sexy enough to fully engorge....I mean enjoy, and not smart enough to care.

The DVD copy reviewed here is one of the many flicks I have ordered from those shady gray market companies over the years. This copy is dubbed in English and has Portuguese subtitles. I haven't seen a legit copy anywhere but maybe that is a good thing? I also plan on reviewing TRILOGY OF LUST II. I have the poster for that one and it's pretty damn cool. As I mentioned earlier, part II is only CAT III rated. It is, thankfully, sans actual intercourse but is far more warped than part I, thus proving Ms. Lee had some severe mental issues. It also stars Elvis Tsui Kam-kong so it's ever watchable. That's not to say it's a good movie but it's passable CAT III fare. Stay tuned.

A brief aside on this blogger format. It stinks! If I put too many pictures up, the post becomes incredibly stretched out leaving huge spaces. Am I doing something wrong or can I just blame the blogger format that keeps my blog in the depths of inept low budgetness? But I suppose the low budgetness is part of it's charm? Yes?


  1. Great descriptions! A little too much at times but funny as hell!

  2. Interesting review. I found the movie pretty entertaining. Yes, a bit twisted but to say nothing sexy or erotic? Where has Your libido gone. She is quite sexy for starters and every porno doesn't have to be clean shaven California blonde style porno. People do have hair on there genetals, even today sometimes and the uncovered blemishes are the product of a real person. It's nice to see natural, real people have sex and not always the silicon filled boobs, shaved vagina, perfect (makeup enhanced) skin and faces. I think you looked passed the true feeling of this film because you expect what you're used to and not something out of the box. Just my opinion of course


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