Friday, May 28, 2010

Night Girls (1986)


Sexy poster for the 1986 adult drama NIGHT GIRLS. I haven't seen this film because I can't find it?! Directed by Richard Yueng Kuen and starring Jo Jo Ngan Lai-yue, and CAT III stalwarts Chan Pooi-kei and the man, the myth, Charlie Cho Cha-lee. I have done a cursory search for the film, because i'm lazy, and can't find it for sale. Any ideas on where I may find it? Seeing as how I fancy myself a Charlie Cho Cha-lee enthusiast ( I use his photo as my profile pic), I feel the need to seek this film out. Maybe I will make my life's work becoming a Cho completest. OK. I do declare, here and now, that I shall not rest until I have seen EVERY Charlie Cho Cha-lee film in existence! A daunting task, i'm sure. I shall search every corner of the earth to uncover lost Cho gems. My mind is now racing. Thinking of the many scenes of Cho I have yet to see that find my new sifu romping with lovelies in his tighty whities. Oh the joy! Reeling and becoming dizzy. I must rest. Too much excitement. I shall begin my search tomorrow.....or the next day. Maybe next week. But i'm busy next week. I'm actually busy for the next month. But July. Definitely in July. My summer is actually free but I like to just relax and lay about in the summer. So, maybe in the fall. Yes. Definitely the fall.


  1. Hi,
    Where can I find a copy of this movie

  2. Didn't u watch this movie yet??? i think its available for download somewhere in the internet.... If u are interested i can share the link..


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