Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Week In Sleaze Lite- Podcast On Fire #93

Quick note here.  I'm about a week late in posting this but better late than never.  Sleazy K and I put on our big boy pants for a bit and ditched the dirty cinema in favor of a few films less offensive.  I joined K on the main vein show over at the Podcast On Fire Network.....Podcast On Fire: Episode 93.
K and I banter about the action silliness found in 1992's THE GOLDEN CORPS COME FROM CHINA aka DIRECT LINE, anachronistic oddness in CYF's and Jiang Wen's LET THE BULLETS FLY, and a nice bit on some Bruceploitation.  I also recap my experiences at this past summers NYAFF.  Less sleaze but all cheese.  Give it a go.  Enjoy!

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