Friday, May 17, 2013

Hey! Didn't This Used To Be A Blog About HK Movie Posters? What Happened?

Well all righty.  Back in the swing on the HK nudie magazine thing.  Let's get to it.  Here is a Japanese themed mag sold in HK in the mid-late 90's.  I've never heard of it and only came across this one as I spotted the small pic of Vivian Hsu on the cover.  If you look in the upper right hand corner of the mags cover, it boasts, THE MAGAZINE OF PLEASURE FOR MEN AND WOMEN.  Yes.  And yikes!  There were a few shmeckles flopping about.  But I braved through and discovered a decent spread of Ms. Hsu. 
I believe the pics used in the magazine are taken from her photo book that I picked up in HK.  But I was too lazy to cross reference.  But, really.  Who cares?  Vivian Hsu is nude in this mag.  And also in that book.  It's all just wonderful.

Another ICHIBAN mag and this one jumped out at me as the lovely Julia Cheng Lim-Yai is featured front and center.  Julia only graced a few CAT III production and is/was actually quite a fine actress otherwise.  Her two most notable films are WHORE AND POLICEWOMAN and DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS IIBUT, she is nowhere to be found inside the mag?  Drats!  Foiled once again.

And yet another Miho Nomoto photo book outta HK.  I also found one of her photo books at a newsstand in HK on the corner of Hankow Rd., just as it abuts Peking Rd., in Tsim Sha Tsui.

This book is a really nice, sometimes classy and sometimes trashy, look at Miho, put out by HK Penthouse.  And we are all the more thankful for it.  Class and trash.  That's kinda like saying, "I want a lady in the parlor and a whore in the bedroom."  That's the way I like it!

Ahhhhh!  The wonderful Rena Otomo livens up the cover of this issue of HK Playboy.  A CAT III stalwart and one of the more reliable actresses to bring the goods, when her name was in the credits, it was a surefire guarantee her flesh would be on display.  And just so ya know, Rena stars in one of my all-time fave CAT III pics, LAN KWAI FONG SWINGERS. 

Also in the issue is an interview with Tony Leung Kar-Fai.  They call him 'Big Tony.'  Maybe Rena can vouch for that?

And yet another awesome find.  CAT III starlet, Chan Pooi-Kei graces the cover AND centerfold.   And like her CAT III sister in....bosoms, Chan Wing-Chi, her layout is curiously lacking any real nudity.  A lot of coy covering up of the naughty bits.  But check out some of her CAT III work.  It's all skin to win!

Dammit, Pooi-Kei!  Show me something!

And finally.  The January 1992 issue of HK Penthouse boasts the formidable talents of Ms. Chun Hung.  The well endowed Chun was just entering her CAT III stretch as an actress in '92 and made a fair handful of fine trash culminating in the awesomely titled SEVEN SEXUAL MANIACS in 1994.  One of her most memorable roles was as Charlie Cho's lactating secretary in FALSE LADY.  Once seen, never forgotten.  Her character is named 'Milka' and her boss Charlie just loves his breast milk lattes.  Gross.  Penthouse does her, and us, a great favor in this issue.  Holy guacamole! 


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