Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday HK Movie Shopping and Dinner in C-town

Alrighty. Just as we did last week, Wei and I threw on our long warm skivvies last night and headed out for din din and HK movie shopping. Instead of trekking into Flushing, we drove a little further and hit NYC C-town. This was our final trip before X-mas and Wei's last hope to find me some gifts gosh darn it?! It was either now or a very barren Christmas for Kingwho? As with most queries in life, C-town held the answer. As a wise man once said, "A journey to buy 1,000 movies, begins with one step. In C-town." We braved the frigid temps wrapped in layers. Wei disguised as 'Nanook of the North' and I in my Furry cap. Looking more akin to Iditarod racers than holiday shoppers we hoofed around searching for my beloved HK flicks. And we found one or two. Or twenty. So, as our tradition goes, I pick out the movies that I want, Wei wraps them and places them under the tree. From: Santa Clause. How did he know? After shopping we made our way down to GREAT N.Y. NOODLETOWN for dinner. We hadn't eaten there in about a year and shame on us. Wei used to eat there with her grandparents and turned me on to this wonderful joint. Questionable service, phenomenal food. I provided pics below for you to smack your chops over. Taste the MSG! All for 23 bucks! But before this HK flicker blog turns into some douchey foodie site, I also provided ya'll with a few HK movie mini-posters I picked up during my travels last night. And I also have a special treat for you guys. Scroll down. After the pics. I'll meet you there.





Inside of Great N.Y. Noodletown. Best seat in the house. Right next to the crapper!

Wei's dinner. Roast Pork/Roast Duck Wonton Soup

Mine. ALL MINE! Roast Pork/Roast Pig/Roast Duck over Rice. I also had a fried egg on the side. Can you say "Fat Ass?" I know you can!
Chinese Vegetables w/ Oyster Sauce

Duck Rolls. Fan-freakin-tastic. I can still taste them. And that's a good thing.

I have man boobs.

On our way into C-town I was thinking of what I should take pics of for the blog? Either for a post or for the header. I decided on shooting some video instead. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do or say in the video, so it became a 'Johnny on the spot' kind of thing. This might be a one and done type deal, but based on your thoughts, maybe I will shoot more video in the future? In the vid below is yours truly, doing what I do best. Making a silly ass of myself. Par for the course, really. Now, you don't actually see me in the video but you will have the unfortunate pleasure of hearing my gosh awful NY accent narrate. I was also working on 3 hours of sleep, 8 total in the past 2 days, so, be gentle. The original video is a bit long and after a few tries just wouldn't upload. So, I broke the video into two parts. The first part, which you are about to see, starts up after our HK DVD/VCD shopping as we stroll down Bowery on our way to dinner at GREAT N.Y. NOODLETOWN. After stuffing my fat face and leaving the restaurant, I just let the camera roll and finally shut my mouth, as Wei and I walk down Bayard St. towards Mulberry St. where we park our car in a city "spread your cheeks and get brutalized (figuratively, folks) garage" for $40!!! The camerawork is provided by Christopher Doyle. So if shaky cam isn't your thing....tough! Hope you enjoy?!


  1. Man, you got me hungry to devour those BBQ over rice dishes/noodle soups at NY Noodletown, Wing Wong, Wonton Garden, or Big Wong! Are you into the Congee's at all? good stuff that sticks to the ribs & warms you up.
    You got me all jazzed up for the new SHAOLIN movie! Can't wait for LET THE BULLET's FlY with chow yun fat, too! Thanks for an awesome post to start out my weekend! By the way, they are playing Johnny To's "Vengeance" at the IFC theatre on 6th ave just in case you like watching HK flix on the big screen.

  2. Where's the video of the food?

    Your accent isn't that strong. And a Noo Yawk accent is a good thing in my book. I hate hearing my voice on my videos.

    $40 to park? Holy crap.

  3. You don't say "cawnah" for corner, and yeah, like Glenn says, a NY accent is good. I have to live with a like tewdally omigod fer shur LA accent, so don't complain!! :)

    GASP! I want that Fists of Dignity poster! Seriously. Can you get another? Will pay.

  4. I didn't have any sound on the video at first and it looked like you were stalking Wei Cat III style, watched it again with sound and your accent sounds cool. The food looked amazing, I'm not surprised you have man boobs!


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