Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Stuff

Ok. Slowly back to the bump and grind. Just as I eased off of the Thanksgiving leftovers, and ate a heaping helping of my blog birthday cock cake, I have turned to stuffing my fat mug with Hanukkah delicacies like General Tso's gefilte fish, cream cheese and lox fried wontons, and hot and sour matzoh ball soup. I have added considerable girth so far this holiday season and am feeling lethargic. So, here's and easy post for ya'll to get through. Above is a pic of the 2010 NYAFF screening of GALLANTS. A buddy of mine is getting his KUNG FU HUSTLE mini poster signed by Bruce Leung Siu-leung. To the right of Bruce is MC Jin. That gargantuan, bulbous, white cranium you see peeking out over the demure Asian woman is your truly. After getting my GALLANTS picture auto'ed by Bruce, I let out a whimpy, "M'goi, sai." I'm such an idiot.

I may have shown this pic before? My memory leaves a lot to be desired and i'm just too lazy to go back through my archives to check. Anyway, Wei and I were car shopping this past summer and came across a Toyota with the Shaw Bros. symbol on the trunk. How randomly cool is that?



After Wei and I are through scouring the largely bootleg HK films found in Flushing, we usually stop off at our favorite spot for dinner. 66 Lu's Seafood. It's a small Taiwanese joint on the corner of 39th and Prince. We always say that we are going to try a new place. Venture out beyond the norm. But it rarely happens. We always find ourselves plunked down here enjoying the exact same fare each and every time. The pics below are of our usual spread. It's comfort food for my fat ass.

A big reason why I have man boobs

Pork Chop over rice w/ vegetables

Stinky or 'smelled' Tofu

Oyster pancake


Cheesy action and sex abound in the cool CAT III flick BODY LOVER. The film is a sequel to director Jeng Kin-pin's first film, HONG KONG EVA. In fact, the first 5 minutes of BODY LOVER are the final 5 minutes of HONG KONG EVA. Both films are brimming with fine low budget goodness. Kin-pin is only listed as directing 3 films, his third and final film being the excellent CAT III roughie, SUBURB MURDER. If you are into this kind of smut, all 3 films are recommended. Above is a cornball action scene with notable CAT III nudie starlet Julie Lee Wa-yuet involved in the melee. Though an infamous CAT III queen, Ms. Lee really isn't so easy on the eyes. However she is notorious for taking it in every orifice in her 1995 directorial debut (with an assist by T.F. Mou) TRILOGY OF LUST. Revisit my TRILOGY OF LUST post right HERE. Enjoy!


  1. So um...I gotta ask: which one is the nudie starlet?

  2. Oyster pancake? Wow. Looks great. Not sure about that sauce. I usually get the baby oyster omelet at Penang, a Malaysian joint down here in D.C.. The thing is an appetizer but it's huge. Takes two of us to split it.

  3. Achillesgirl, she is probably the most unappealing on CAT III nudie starlets. Not a looker. In the video she was wearing all black plus a black baseball cap. She has also done a hardcore movie, Trilogy of Lust, which I reviewed last year. Maybe I will edit my post and include that link so you can see her rough mug =P

    Glenn, I think my oyster pancake and your baby oyster omlete are same thing. It's all egg, oysters, and a green vegetable (maybe broccoli rabe) inside. I don't know what the sauce is but it is delicious. Wei's aunt makes one with egg whites only. So damn good. =)

  4. man, stinky tofu! You aren't the ordinary gwai lo are you? :) Your skills are extraordinary...
    The Oyster Pancake sounds delish! Gotta find a spot in manhattan's C-Town to fit that bill!

  5. Hey Pat. This stinky tofu isn't that bad. It's not as smelly as others I have had. there is another version I had ata family bbq that was tough to swallow. I could only take the latter version in small doses. It litteraly smelled like ass =P

    The oyster pancake (oyster omlette) is delicious. I haven't yet found a place in NY C-town that has it, though? If you find a place, please let me know. =)


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