Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hey folks! On this, my 200th post, I bring fan-freakin'-tastic news! The day is finally here and I'm ready to gush about the dirty little secret I hinted at last week. Pardon me while I unzip my husky jeans and unleash my BIG announcement. I can't hold it back's ready to blow!!!! KINGWHO? in a podcast! THIS WEEK IN SLEAZE!

THIS WEEK IN SLEAZE is ready to drop, my friends. I was invited to join a podcast created by Kenneth B. of So Good Reviews, Sleazy K's Video, and the number one with a bullet Asian podcast network, Podcast on Fire, to co-host a bi-weekly shit shoot on our favorite topic, Hong Kong (s)exploitation through the years. Our first show was recorded a few weeks back and it's nipples have been tweaked and package tugged to loving perfection, and it's now ready to be splooged into the ears of Asian cinema fans the world over. Hook up that Ipod, grab a box of tissues, and download this hot load of CAT III gooiness. Welcome to THIS WEEK IN SLEAZE!

Click HERE to make your pants drop!

On our first episode Ken and I discuss the origin of the CAT III rating, our personal introduction into the seedy genre, talk about a handful of classic early 90's CAT III films including SEX AND ZEN and DR. LAMB, and relay the beautiful sleaze we witnessed during our Last Films Watched segment. My effort this week....WHORE AND POLICEWOMAN!

After listening to the show, click HERE and head back to view my WHORE AND POLICEWOMAN poster.

Charlie is so excited he can hardly contain himself!

I hope everyone gives the show a shot. It was actually my first time in my 15+ years of watching HK cinema that I was able to speak/discuss it out loud!!! I am aware that my voice sound like crap but that's what happens when you work the graveyard shift for 10 years. I'll have to work on some things but the show was a ton of fun and Ken and I will be recording episode 2 this coming Friday. Nasty feedback and criticism is encouraged. I will most definitely keep everyone updated and hooked into the podcast and ALL of the Asian cinema love that is going on over at the Podcast On Fire Network. I really hope everyone enjoys the show?!


  1. Awesome. Congratulations on this new venture as well as the 200th post milestone! Off to download!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Glenn! I hope you enjoy the show. It's just two fans a-gabbin' about CAT III. It was a lot of fun and hopefully that comes through in the podcast?

    Thanks again!

  3. Awesome way to celebrate your 200th post Kingwho? Congratulations. Really enjoyed the podcast, learned a bunch about the ratings system, and although the movies aren't always my bag, I'm going to dip my toes in the cesspool of Cat III and try some more. Looking forward to the next one!

  4. AHND, Thanks, buddy! Dip those toes! We are recording a new show tomorrow on Dr. Lamb. it's shaping up to be a fairly lengthy discussion. It should be fun!?

    Charlie Parker, thanks! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Looking forward to digging in on the POF forum. Cheers!

  5. wow nice one! now i have something to be jealous of lol. cat III has so many fans and no so much promotion these days. good work guys i for one will be listening :)

  6. Awesome man !! Listening to it while I paint my apartment .. Can't believe it. This is great! -J

  7. OCD and ANON, thanks, guys.

    Recorded episode 2 yesterday. It runs a whopping 150 minutes! It should be out in a few weeks. I will keep you guys informed on the exact date. I'm going to listen to the rough cut tonight. I hope you guys like it and don't mind the running time?

    Thanks again!


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