Friday, February 15, 2013

Swag from my Hong Kong/Taiwan trip

Just a quick stop by to post pics of the movie garbage that I blew my money on while on my Honeymoon in Hong Kong and Taiwan.  For those who are interested, take a gander at my goodies.  And, yes.  I have issues.  Enjoy!
I bought all of these VCD's at Widesight...

....a joint on Temple Street....

....and a stall on Kweilin St. in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Taiwanese LD transfers to DVD that I bought in a convenience store in Hualien

Movie poster photo calendar and bio on Kuei Chih-Hung that I bought @ The Hong Kong Film Archives

These LD's were bought for me by a friend of mine in HK @ a stall in Sham Shui Po.  

While there, I visited with my friend and the stall where he had bought these LD's, but unfortunately, no LD's to be found at the stall on my trip

Beach Spike fan

I would like to take a moment to thank my wife.  What does one do when one's significant other is searching for nudie books at a newsstand?   My poor wife has the answer. Anyway, photo books for Shu Qi, Ellen Chan, Vivian Hsu, and Miho Nomoto.

Sex and Zen I & II photo books

Triad comic book, DVD, and theme song

Lobby Cards

Lobby Cards

Amy Yip Penthouse, Loletta Lee Penthouse, Julie Lee photo book

Young & Dangerous: Reloaded comics


  1. Fantastic haul!
    You made me jealous! ;)

  2. What issues to have! Honestly, I don't know how you do it Kingwho? you manage to make VCDs look cool.

  3. What are the titles of the Taiwanese laserdisc to dvd ones you bought in a convenience store Kingwho?
    I recently acquired a contact in Taiwan and would probably be asking him to look out for some of them. ;)

  4. The LD to DVD transfers were:

    21 Red List
    Whore and Policewoman
    The Gangsters
    Kung Fu Student
    and a movie with a young Richie Jen that I haven't placed yet.

  5. Thank you! :)
    I need Whore and Policewoman in my collection,will have to look up the others as I don't know them...;)

  6. can I ask what the fortune star legendary films are? I think I see 'flirting' in the middle, but can't recall the other two. also, care to suggest crime, cop, downbeat & unusual stuff from that series of releases? thanks.

  7. Hi, Anon. The other 2 Fortune Star titles are Queen Bee (1981) and Pink Lady (1992).

    I don't know the Joy Sales/Fortune Star catalog so it is difficult for me to recommend any titles. I'm a terrible person to ask about recommendations. I LOVE everything!

  8. shame, both fortune star & shaw seem to hide many crime. movies, but the overwhelming quantity in both make it impossible for nn-regular HK fans like me to look over reviews and trailers.

    regards, logboy.

  9. Did you pay the sticker price for each movie?

    Some movies has a sticker price, wondering did you get any discounts or pay that sticker price.

    The sticker price is expensive for VCD. Some stores in Chinatown got rid of their VCD for $1 each.

  10. I'm searching those Hong kong laserdiscs,if you have them,I will offer good titles for trade ( HK LDs)or good price,thanks.

    1.Magic cop(Twain version)

    2.The Haunted Madam

    3.The Security

    4.Spooky, Spooky,Spooky

    5.Lam Ah Chun Blunders Again

    6.Erotic Nights

    7.Naughty Girls


    9.Love Massacre 

    10.Expensive Tastes

    11.The sad story of saigon

    12.The Accident

    13.The spooky bunch

    14.Dragon force

    15.Host for a ghost

    16.Toothless Vampires

    17.China Behind

    18.Blood Call

    19.Two Jolly Cops

    20.A romantic ghost story

    21.The Ultimate Vampire (The white cover)


    23.Zombie Kid II

    24.Lake Sprite


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