Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Book 'em, Dayo!

My HK/Asian cinema books.  They are usually never stored away for too long and always available to thumb through if need be.  I think I may have misplaced a few throughout the years through house moves or just neglect.  And a few might still be stored away as my HK movie collection is still in disarray since the big move last summer.  But, here they are.  In all of their good, bad, and ugly HK film info/mis-info glory.

 My two absolute favorite books on HK cinema, SEX AND ZEN & A BULLET IN THE HEAD and HOLLYWOOD EAST.  Both by Steffan Hammond.  The absolute COOLEST books around.
 Bottom right is my first book on HK cinema and my most dogged.  It is also considered one of the worst because of a s**t-ton of misinformation.  That being said, the mis-info makes it that much more fun to read through.  Ladies and germs, I give you, Thomas Weisser's ASIAN CULT CINEMA.

 Upper left is one of the HK film review book bibles.  The must own, John Charles' HONG KONG FILMOGRAPHY: 1977-1997.  You can find the updated publication HERE.  Also, bottom right, is the picture laden DEADLY CHINA DOLLS, of Eastern Heroes fame, which runs the gamut with loving info on lady kung-fu stars to filthy CAT III starlets. 
I have a few books that I am currently eyeing.  Just waiting for some moolah to free up.  Are there any books that I'm missing?  What should I add to my library?


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  2. Awesome list of HK movie resources! I've been wanting to get a hold of: The Hong Kong Filmography, 1977-1997: A Reference Guide to 1,100 Films Produced by British Hong Kong Studios .

    I'm too cheap and waiting for a better price. I have got to get Deadly China Dolls! looks like a rad book.


    You can buy the Hong Kong Filmography on Ebay for a cheap price. It's worth it! And the Deadly China Dolls book is awesome.

    1. thanks! will keep my antennas up for these books!

  4. Impressive. I haven't ventured into the books yet.


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