Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hey! HK Movie Posters for Sale/Trade!

A few months back I came across a huge lot of HK and Taiwanese movie posters for sale.  The price was right for the HUGENESS of the lot, but the only problem was, I had to travel to Canada to pick them up.  Sooooo, ROAD TRIP!
My dear, understanding as heck, wife and I made a weekend out of it up in Toronto.  We enjoyed the city for a few days, stopping by Niagara Falls on the way, picked up the posters, and headed back home.  I was delighted to see that in the lot were a bunch of doubles, triples, quadruples, etc.  So, I thought......
 ......why not sell or trade them to other fans/appreciators of this junk.  And that's what I'm doing. Pricing these things is proving difficult as I have consulted a few of the individuals that I regularly buy from.  Some of their prices for these posters are just way too high and out of control and I don't feel comfortable at all charging people an over the top dollar amount.  So, I have tried to keep costs within reason, for the fans of this stuff.  I've also come to find that shipping cost to overseas destinations is just insane!  So, I tried to keep poster costs down a bit as shipping costs are absurdly high in some cases.
Anyway, if anyone is interested, please let me know and I will send you pics of the posters you are looking to buy or trade for.  Here is the link to the list of posters:

HK/Taiwan Movie Posters, Sell/Trade

Get 'em fast before they head to eBay!  Thanks!


  1. i want to buy the hk movie posters.but i don't know how to buy.can you tell me.
    by the way: i come from china, guangdong, zhongshan
    by the way 2:can you speak chinese?
    i design some hk movie posterbook, you can see it,onvwk6lf1383494437419&user_number_id=20266230&scm=1028.1.1.20001

  2. You have a kick ass blog here. BULLETS OVER CHINATOWN FTW


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