Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice and C-town rats

Eldridge St., NYC, Chinatown
Found this little nugget of silliness while reading the NY Post this past weekend. The article was about the various filming locations around the city that were used in the upcoming Disney film, THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. Here's a nice C-town anecdote....
"Things went a little less smoothly in Chinatown during a sequence in which Cage and Baruchel battle a magical dragon during a New year's celebration. Filmed on Eldridge Street over two weeks, it required some 2,000 local extras-one of whom probably wished she'd stayed home.
"A giant Chinatown-sized rat fell off a roof, bounced off an awning and fell on an extra's face," Baruchel says. "She had to go to the hospital. The rats in that neighborhood are bigger than most dogs."- NY Post
Gotta love Chinatown.


  1. The NY Post is slipping--the story should have a Post-errific headline like "Hurtling Plague Bomb Crushes Actress", which it would have back in the day when no one would admit to buying to Post--"Oh, someone left this on the subway, I was just checking the lottery numbers."

  2. The Post is still extremely amusing. The other day they reported on how the Taliban are training monkeys to be terrorists and they photoshopped an m-16 in the hands of a monkey. hahaha It was just great!

    Here's the link:

  3. wow. that quote is great. I live on this street and it used to be infested with rats, no joke. I remember going up to the rooftop and looking down--it was like playing frogger, only with rats. even the cats would just sit on the stoops, staring as giant rats ran past them.

    but one day the rats magically disappeared...they've been noticeably absent ever since the filming wrapped.


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