Monday, July 12, 2010

"What stink shit!"

"What stink shit!"-A Man and a Woman (1993)
I've been extremely lethargic of late. Those crazy, hazy, lazy days of summer have hit me hard and my basement apartment is a hot box. I'm dripping sweat on to my keyboard. Gross. I go through wife-beater t's like actual wife beaters beat their wives! Anyway, i'm hoping to upload the videos I took at the NYAFF in the coming days. I have already started but the video processing is taking forever. I also hope to get back to posting my video and poster collection as well. So, until is some HK subtitling filler to tide you over. The above subtitle directly refers to me at the moment. Stink shit! . Now it's time to tend to my swamp ass with a liberal sprinkling of baby powder. So soothing.

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