Sunday, March 6, 2011

A quick stop in C-town

This past Thursday Wei and I took a quick jaunt into C-town for dinner and HK movie shopping. It had been a tough week for me and we figured some comfort soul food and comfort HK DVD/VCD shopping would salve my aching soul. And it did. We met up with Wei's cousin, R, she of the "Wai Ka-fai incident," from my last post. We also left it up to her to pick a feeding joint since she's been living in Chinatown for the past year. But the poor girl just sits in her apartment and studies all day, so, while she is living in the most wonderful place on earth, NYC, she really isn't living at all. Anyway, she Yelped a few restaurants in the area and we decided to give Nice Green Bo on Bayard St. a shot.

It's Shanghainese cuisine and I was game. We hadn't eaten Shanghai grub in a while and Xiao Long Bao sounded like a plan. Leave it to R to pick a place full of whities. Wei and R were the only Chinese people in the place, save for the servers. The food, though, was tasty, and as per C-town, cheaper than dirt. We ordered and split a few fried Xiao Long Bao, Rice Cakes, Pork Chop over Rice, and Pork with Shanghai Cabbage over Rice. We've had better Xiao Long Bao but the rest of the fare was fine and hit the spot. I have also eaten better food in C-town and would only marginally recommend this spot. But if you are a cheap bastard like I am, this place will more than suffice. The bill came out to $20.30.

Fried Xiao Long Bao

Rice Cakes, Pork Chop over Rice, and Pork w/ Shanghai Cabbage over rice


Before meeting up with R for din-din, Wei and I did our typical trek through my HK movie spots. I mentioned in a previous post that my HK movie selection has been steadily in decline. This trip wasn't much different. I have the majority of older films that are for sale and have recently only been picking up newer releases. Oh, well? You can't fight City Hall!

ALL'S WELL END'S WELL 2011 (2011)

Do women really want this?

The above photo is my meager swag haul. Only 2 older flicks and the rest, new releases. And there is one booter in the batch, SHAOLIN, that I will be picking up once the original release comes out. The rest of the bunch is as follows, ALL'S WELL END'S WELL 2011, I LOVE HONG KONG, THE FIRST TIME IS THE LAST TIME, HARD TOUCHING, ALL ABOUT LOVE, VAMPIRE WARRIORS, and BRUCE LEE, MY BROTHER. The two oldies, THE FIRST TIME IS THE LAST TIME and HARD TOUCHING, I own in VCD form but neither have English subs. This DVD of HARD TOUCHING lacks subs as well but was worth a $5 shot. THE FIRST TIME IS THE LAST TIME, though, does have English subs, so I'm kinda excited to finally give it a go. The other flicks, with the exception of maybe ALL'S WELL END'S WELL 2011, I immediately add to the top of my queue. Especially SHAOLIN and ALL ABOUT LOVE. I'm even looking forward to pushing myself to the edge of sanity with Dennis S.Y. 'oh why oh why oh why?' Law's VAMPIRE WARRIORS. I hear it's just shit. Like the majority of this fellows films. These should keep me busy for a while. Until next trip.


  1. Did you try the jellyfish at Nice Green Bo? It has been awhile, but it was yummy when I went.

  2. We weren't in a jellyfish kinda mood. The food was decent, though. But I probably wouldn't go back there. Way too many other choices in C-town to explore.

  3. Diana, do you have any favorite restaurants in C-town?

  4. Looking forward to hearing what you think of Shaolin , and the two new year comedies, I've got them both on order, I'm pretty sure I'll like ILHK but really not sure about AWEW! Also got All about love on its way too, but I am definitely not ordering Vampire warriors!

  5. I saw I love HK in the theatres while visiting HK just some weeks ago. I thought the movie was hilarious. Pretty fitting for a lunar new year film to pay homage to the old school projects of HK. Eric Tsang, Tony Leung Ka Fai, & Sandra Ng did an awesome job! There was one skit in their of Sandra Ng at a grocery store that still has me cracking up! Hope u don't lose it in the translation of the subtitles!

  6. Actually I usually just follow my friends around. There is a Congee something on Bowery near Hester that we go to a lot. The fried squid is always tender.

  7. I'm really looking forward to SHAOLIN and ALL ABOUT LOVE. I've also heard really great things about I LOVE HONG KONG. I'm currently re-watching a ton of older (90's) movies as research for the next episdoe of This Week In Sleaze, but once i'm done, I am going to hit all of these movies up in succession.

    As for Vampire Warriors.....? I heard it's utter crap. So, looking forward to throwing my remote at the tv. I also just became friends with Dennis Law on Facebook. Which makes me cool, because, isn't being Facebook friends what life's all about? =P

    Diana, I think the restaurant you are talking about is Congee Village? I have heard really good things about it. It is on my list. Thanks for reminding me =)

  8. Vampire Warriors was shockingly bad. You have to be very skilled to mess up a film with that much potential by so much.

    Am looking forward to Alls Well, Ends Well 2011 myself, enjoyed the other two


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