Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Filler

Some filler for your Friday. Check out Ekin 'Noodle' Cheng's lovely locks in my MEAN STREET STORY poster above. Wu Chien-lien seems to think he's so dreamy. I haven't seen MEAN STREET STORY and it's been in my ever growing stack of films I would like to see. But honestly, even though the lovely Chien-lien is in it, I don't think I will ever be getting around to it. And Speaking of Ms. Wu, another review of INTRUDER has popped up in the blogosphere and it's courtesy of my new favorite blog.....ladies and gents, please add to your blog roll.....THE MILKY WAY WONDERLAND!!!!

The blog, still in it's infancy (only a few days old, actually) is the brain child of David Lam, or, Dr. Lamb, if you prefer. The good Dr. has been a great supporter of Bullets Over Chinatown and the This Week In Sleaze podcast and has shared some very kind words with myself and Sleazy K. Please check out his blog as I fully believe he has a unique thing going on over there. His photo headers are damn wonderful and he's quite the artiste. Check out some of his awesome 'doodles' below. i might have to put one on a t-shirt? Maybe a future tattoo???

Wong Jing and his tiny, dangling CAT III symbol

This one is for,

Above, Kent Cheng Jak-si gives This Week In Sleaze the thumbs up! This doodle of good ol' Fatty Cheng was sent over to Sleazy K with a few kind words attached. Below, was a doodle sent to me, again, along with some kind words. The one....the only.......the Category III Super-Duperman himself......Mr. Charlie Cho Cha-lee! I fell in love with this drawing upon first site. It just made my day. Heck, it's still making my day a few days later! Great big thanks once again to the very talented David Lam. If you don't check out his blog, don't bother coming back to this one. Be gone! No...seriously. Oh. And about that INTRUDER review......

Charlie is ready to play 'Tune in Tsimshatsui'

I came across this rare Eric Tsang Chi-wai film a few weeks back. It's one I have never heard of. I found it under the title, XIN A LI BA BA. The 'Ali Baba' reference in the title points to something Arabian I suppose? And, indeed, by the look of the film, it appears to be a Aladdinesque comedy/fantasy. A true oddity for sure. I haven't watch the film fully, but as I skipped through the film to see it's quality, I came across this scene and just busted out laughing. It's apropos for the blog. What the heck is Eric doing with those donkey's????


  1. Wow buddy, thanks for the kind words! Man,I'm truly humbled. I really appreciate you helping me get the blog out there.

    Thanks once again!

  2. Oh man, sorry to be hijacking your post but you have have have have to see Mean Street Blues. Ekin's amazing coif alone is worth it.
    It's a pretty crappy movie but the melodrama and the end fight scene needs to be seen to be believed.


  3. It's no problem. Really. I am loving your drawings. I think they are excellent. You really have something cool going on with your artwork. And it translates well to your blog. It's fun and relaxed. I keep posting your pics on my Facebook page. MY HK movie friends really seem to like them. My finace, Wei, thought the Charlie Cho pic was hyserical.

  4. Ya know, I actually started watching it once. Not for Ekin or Chien-lien but for Eric Kot. I was interested in seeing more films with Eric in them after seeing First Love: The Litter on The Breeze and Dragon Heat. But I stopped watching, for whatever reason, and never returned to it. maybe someday?


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