Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Week In Sleaze episode 4: NAKED KILLER SPECIAL

Zzzzziiiippppp! That's the beautiful sound of jeans unzipping in anticipation of our NAKED KILLER episode of This Week In Sleaze! I don't know the sound button-fly jeans make when they are unencumbered so I went with what I know. OK. Lotions at the ready? Check! Gird your buttocks, folks, click on over to Podcast On Fire Central and download this glorious wet stain of a podcast.

Without going into too much detail, Sleazy K and I connected a few dots between the exceptional Shaw Bros. classic, INTIMATE CONFESSIONS OF A CHINESE COURTESAN, and it's early 90's CAT III update, BARE NAKED CAKE GOAT aka NAKED KILLER. We will most definitely curl back up with 'INTIMATE CONFESSIONS' as we continue to go back to the future in upcoming podcasts, examining the messy birth of erotica in Hong Kong skinema.

We get on with things by discussing some of the major players that make up this dirty genre classic. Simon Yam tat-wah, Chingmy Yau Suk-ching, Carrie Ng Ka-lai, Yiu Wai, Hui Siu-hung, Sugawara Madoka, Ken Lo Wai-kwong, Clarence Fok yiu-leung, Peter Pau Tak-hai, and the Shlocky King of HK Cinema, Wong Jing, are all given their propers. Sleazy K and I also touch upon a bunch of other movies in this episode, mostly just grazing the tushies of these films, not really digging our fingertips into their cottage cheese-like flesh, as to not leave fingerprints. A few of the flicks we banter about are.....












As always the case with our sleazy broadcast, we bring up the rear with our 'Last Sleazy Movies Watched'. This go 'round, K bangs about gleefully on the cut and paste HER FATAL WAYS CAT III clone, DEVIL'S LOVE. Way back when I also posted about this enjoyable mish-mash exercise. And Ken and I concur. It's silly, dirty fun! Revisit those posts HERE.


I go down a different CAT III path as I schmooze about the wonderful oddity that is.....ANOTHER PIECE OF ROMANCE. An appearance by my best friend, Charlie Cho Cha-lee, is only the tip of the, iceberg. ANOTHER PIECE OF ROMANCE is a flick that I could babble-on about forever.....and I almost do!

Ahhhh.....the infamous Chingmy Yau/NAKED KILLER promo shot. Taken from behind!!!! Sleazy K relives a little of his youth as he reminisces about this very pic. And another piece of the Sleazy K puzzle falls into place.....

It's a 2 1/2+ hour doozy of a dirty podcast. Download it HERE and let the lovely Mary Palm and her 5 sisters lend you a helping hand as the soothing sounds of This Week In Sleaze carry you off into ecstasy.

*** Special thanks to John Charles, author of the indespensible HK film review manual, The Hong Kong Filmography, 1977-1997: A Reference Guide to 1,100 Films Produced by British Hong Kong Studios. John is a great supporter of the podcast and was able to pass along this gem on Peter Pau Tak-hai and the film, NAKED KILLER, "I had a chance to speak with Peter Pau back in 2000 and asked him (among other things) why he is credited in the trailer for NAKED KILLER. He said he shot the original footage for the spot (which I love) as a favor to Clarence Fok. Pau feels that he would not have a career if not for Fok, who hired Pau to serve as DP on THE GREATEST LOVER at a time when Pau could find no work in the industry and had pretty much given up (he didn't go into details, but I get the impression that shooting THE LEGEND OF WISELY was not a pleasant experience). The film was a hit, prompting Wong Jing to use Pau as DP on GOD OF GAMBLERS and his career was right back on track."

If you don't own John's book....well....then you really aren't a fan of Hong Kong cinema, now, are you? Don't despair, you can order a copy right HERE. Also, check out Johns old HK film website, Hong Kong Digital. It's another wonderful site for referencing HK films. Thanks again, John!


  1. Holy crap, I can't wait.

    Sounds like the podcast is going to be epic!

  2. Thanks, Dr. I hope you like it?! We're both still a bit miffed we didn't go into Raped By An Angel at all but will definitely get around to the entire series in the future.

  3. Im going to have to do a "Girls of CAT III" doodle real soon. Yup, I'll be checking your site for reference.

    Yeah a podcast dedicated to the Rape by an Angel series would be rad. There's probably only really two films to talk about though.
    The films after the sequel really are turds.

  4. Dr., that doodle would be awesome? Do you take requests?? haha

    You must include:

    ....and the usual array of CAT III starlets. And maybe you can throw me and Charlie Cho somewhere in the tangle??? hahaha

    I recently re-watched ALL of the Raped By An Angels and I really dug all of 'em except for the last one. It was an unforunate Billy Tang turd. I had forgotten about ALL of them to be honest and revisiting them was surprising as I found myself really enjoying them. Especially part 4 where the Tuen Muen Rapist AND Dr. Lamb get back in action! It had so much more potential but it was unfortuantely made during the downturn. It was dark and dirty in a similar way to The Underground Banker. Maybe my favorite of the RBAA series?!

  5. man oh man. i have forgotten so many of these starlets! How about Anita Chu Yen? Not a really CAT III actress but whoa did she look hot in those Wong Jing movies. Actually, she's looking even hotter these days.

    Do you guys really talk about Hold You Tight? It's really one of my favs from the 90s. I saw it maybe a year or two ago and I was just stunned by how beautiful it was. I think Sunny Chan and Eric Tsang are outstanding in it. Then there's Chingmy Yau. Perhaps her best role ever.

  6. Do you mean Athena Chu yen? Yummy! I adore Athena. She's an actress that hasn't aged one bit. I also love Pinky Cheung Man-chi. There is just something about her???? Droooool... hahaha

    We only briefly mention Hold You Tight. I haven't seen it but Ken has and he just quickly touches upon how good it was. I was going to watch it for the podcast so we could discuss it further but I ran out of time.

  7. OMG I f***ing love Pinky! She has the sexiest voice ever! She's in the Rape by an Angel with Alex Fong. I saw her in an interview and she said she stopped doing sexy movies after becoming a born again christian(sigh). Oh yes, Athena! I know her as just Chu Yen. She came close to taking it all off didn't she?

  8. Pinky's voice IS sexy! She is RBAA parts 3 and 5. She's great in 3 as the slightly 'mentally ill' pawn. I just saw her in Dennis Law's god-awful Vampire Warriors. if this is the kind of film she is going to make from now on, she might need to rethink her religion? hahaha

    Athena was a tease but never took it off. I think her only 'sexy' roles were in RBAA 2 and Horoscope 1: The Voice from Hell? She was excellent in Herman Yau's Whispers and Moans. have you seen it?

    **just added a little more to the post.

  9. Thanks for turning me on to John Charles's "The Hong Kong Filmography, 1977-1997." Based on your recommendation alone, I immediately ordered it from Amazon. I too think it's an essential source book. The reviews I've read so far have been interesting, informative, and informally written. None of that academic crap that turns me off. I just wish the index had the names of a person's movies listed under their name, instead of just the page numbers where the person's name appears. This way you can't go to, say, Sammo Hung, in the index to find a review of a film whose name you can't recall but could recognize. Well, at least there's IMDb and other online sources to use to get the title of the film, then you can go back to Charles's filmography. Still, all-in-all a terrific book. Thanks again.

  10. Hi Kingwho? I finished the podcast today and it was a great listen, totally getting across how fun the movie is and with an incredible amount of information on the film and actors, both directly connected right through to barely related. Awesome job!

    Have you decided what the next episode will be, you didn't seem to sure at the end of this one. Finally I completely agree regarding John Charles' book, essential reading.

  11. Thanks to Dr. Stan Glick and A Hero Never Dies for their kind words about my book. Even though I wrote it over the course of 2 1/2 years, I still pull it out once in a while and marvel that I was able to watch and review so many movies. It was a labor of love, but on those days when I was discovering or revisiting one terrific movie after another, it didn't seem at all like work. In fact, it was the best job I've ever had!


  12. Stan, my pleasure. I'm glad you picked it up. You won't be dissapointed. John did a heckuva job including so much info on the actors and behind the camera persons. Also including runnin times, distributors, and formats available. John knows his stuff and is part of the Video Watchdog family. I hope he gets back into the HK stuff a little more. YOU HEAR THAT, JOHN?!?!?!

    AHND, thanks for the ups! Our next episode will record in about two weeks. We decided to track way back to the 60's to try and find the beginning of HK erotica. Or Hong Kong I like to call it haha

    We have had some help tracking down a few film from around this time that had some nudity and were thematically 'erotic.' We aren't too sure if this era, or these films, were the actual 'birth' of HK erotica but it's as far back as we could find?

    John, thanks once again for your work. You are an inspiration to myself and Ken. Cheers!

  13. "AHND, thanks for the ups! Our next episode will record in about two weeks. We decided to track way back to the 60's to try and find the beginning of HK erotica. Or Hong Kong I like to call it haha"

    This is the kind of archeology that HK cinema coverage needs! Looking forward to hearing what you and Ken have to report.


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