Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NYAFF 2011 Official Line-Up.....and some other cool thangs

Hey! Been neglecting my blog duties a bit as of late due to that bitch named Money! Overtime has been swallowing me whole. 40+ hours of OT and 4 days of being up between 24 and 36 hours at a clip. All in one week! Does that math even add up?!?!?! Soooo, a quickie here before we get back to basics (I have an Ebay purchase to end ALL Ebay purchases to tell you guys about in the next week or so. Stay tuned).

The NYAFF has released their official 2011 10th Anniversary film and guest list. As we, or I, rather, only really care about the Hong Kong/China/Taiwan connection, here's the list of goodies in store for the fests goers:

First and foremost, as I have reported a few weeks back, Tsui Hark will prestige the fest and be present at screenings of DETECTIVE DEE, THE BLADE, DUEL TO THE DEATH, ZU: WARRIORS FROM THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN, and DRAGON INN!!!!

BENNY CHAN Muk-sing will also be there in the flesh with his new film, SHAOLIN. Rounding out Hong Kongs presentation are the new Johnnie To produced PUNISHED and last but certainly not f'ing least, us New Yawkers will be treated to a special screening of the CAT III balls to the wall classic, THE STORY OF RICKY!!!!!

Across the border to the north up yonder, the mainland entries in this years fest are BUDDHA MOUNTAIN with Fan Bing Bing and Sylvia Chang and OCEAN HEAVEN, a very sweet film and a wonderful dramatic departure for Jet Li (who kicks buns as an actor, by the way).

Across the South China Sea, Taiwan also gets in on the festival actiion as director Su Chao-pin gets a special focus as he arrives in the Big Apple with his John Woo Co-directed REIGN OF ASSASSINS in tow. Also on the dance card are Chao-pin's THE CABBIE and BETTER THAN SEX.

For the rest of the NYAFF 10th Anniversary line-up (for those of you who actually care about other Asian countries films) click on over to the Subway Cinema blog.
As usual, Jerry Ma over at Epic Proportions does what he does best, banging out some excellent NYAFF t-shirts. Last year he artfully created a sweet-ass Sammo Hung inspired T and this year it's Tsui Hark's turn. Check out the T above and Mr. Ma's artwork in detail below. I shall be taking orders!

I'm enormously engorged to announce that the kick ass original Chinatown bad boys, The Notorious MSG, have finally released their new full length album, HEAVY GHETTO. If you are not familiar with these mother dickers then you are sorely missing out on some great rap/punk beats. I've been following them for about 2 years now and swear by them. This was the first album I downloaded to my new Iphone and I can't stop banging my head to the super sexy swingin' sounds of The Notorious MSG!

And to bring up the rear of this post, another beautiful doodle by Dr. Lamb over at The Milky Way Wonderland. Me and Charlie. The CAT III Superman and his trusty squirt of a sidekick. My new Facebook profile pic.

And now I'm back off to work. OT beckons. My 19 hour shift begins.....

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  1. That's an awesome line up Kingwho? Have you worked out how many screenings you can actually get to? I'm really jealous!

    Another fantastic drawing from Dr. Lamb too.

    I replied to your comments, I'm itching to find out about this ebay purchase........


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