Sunday, June 19, 2011


CLUB GIRL is some Taiwanese naughtiness from 1992.  Thank you very much!
EMOTIONAL GIRL-DOUBT OF DISTRESS is a tedious CAT III turd from 1993, co-starring the ever horny Julie Lee Wa-yuet.  I once wrote of this film on the blog, "Trampy Julie Lee Wa-yuet goes full-bore and in one scene rubs her brillo pad against Chang Kuo-chu's face."  So, there were some good times to be had with the film.

PASSIONATE KILLING IN THE DREAM sports a kick as hair-do from Gordon Liu Chia-hui.  great opening sequence, ho-hum rest of the film.

I also have DARK STREET GIGOLO aka BLACK STREET aka A DANCING BOY IN UNDERWORLD STREET on VHS and VCD.  Reviewed the film back in January.  Check it out HERE!
This is not the naughty 1974 Shaw Bros. flick starring Ai Ti but the 1993 dirty goodie with Pauline Chan Bo-lin.
Again, not the 1974 Shaw Bros. movie, but a 1992 CAT III'er aka SEX RACECOURSE, starring my lovely, Cindy Yip Sin-yi.  Mmmmmmmm....Cindy Yip......
Really kick ass fighting film co-directed by the great Sonny Chiba!   Sibelle Hu, Chin Ka-lok, and Ken Lo Wai-kong co-star alongside a brief bit by Mr. Chiba in this HK/Japan co-production from 1992.  I found this DVD in C-town a year or so ago in the 'adult' section because the cover art was risque.  Though the film is not, it's still a fine action entry.  Look for it.

Solid actioner from 1992 aka DIE HARD TO FIGHT, starring Chin Siu-ho, Dick Wei, David Lam Wai, and Mondi Yau Yuet-ching.
I have the VCD and VHS of THE GREAT JETFOIL ROBBERY and have seen the film at least twice.  Don't remember a dang thing about it?

Shot on video and unsubbed thriller starring all-stars Francis Ng Chun-yu and Chingmy Yau Suk-ching.  I also have the VCD and another LD w/ original cover.


  1. Great site you have here! Happy i found it. Also: That is super cool you collect laserdiscs!

  2. Thanks Ty. I hope you stick around! Collecting is a bit of an addiction.


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