Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Please sir, I want some more......HK Movie Laserdiscs!

Fun Taiwanese action with Kara Hui Ying-hung, Chin Siu-ho, Chin Kar-lok, and Big Silly Head!

Two pervy guys sit in a studio and canto dub a European 'Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex' film.  Odd and very European, ie. hairy!  Wonderful subtitle: "Then touch the udder down to the navel. Pat her navel lightly, then go down up to her her heartland."  I have a feeling after watching this you will still have many questions about sex?

SPIRIT OF LOVE.  Loletta Lee Lai-chun stars in this Jamie Luk Kim-ming pic.  I also have the VHS but neither the VHS of LD have subs.  Is this one available with subs?

Cindy Yip Sin-yi shot on video dud w/o subs.  Also have the VHS w/o subs.

"You shot my dicky!'

Silly sex documentary follows Lee Chung-ling around Asia gazing into other cultures sexual mores.  Brief bit by Pauline Chan Bo-lin.  Fully clothed!

Unsubed.  Is there a subtitled version available?

Ho-hum Taiwanese gangster stuff.  Occasionally spitfire but largely a bore.  See the same directors MIDNIGHT CONJURE and HORRIBLE HIGH HEELS for some wild fun.

Cheap, dirty, and beautiful riff on THE UNTOLD STORY.

Really fun trio of dirty stories.  Cindy Yip Sin-yi is also in this one.  I have quite a thing for Ms. Yip!  Maybe I should review this one?

Excellent WIP pic starring that tough Taiwanese hottie, To Gwai-fa. 


  1. "I have a feeling after watching this you will still have many questions about sex?"

    Good guess. One of the lovely things about fractured Hong Kong subtitles is that you the real ones are better/goofier than anything that could be made up.

  2. Is that Legal Innocence with Cecilia Yip & Francis Ng plus an unfortunate puppy dog? And Banana Spirit with Francis as the lovelorn coroner's assistant? Any time you want to get rid of those just let me know--I've got a laser disc player & I know how to use it!

  3. Keep them coming Kingwho? Have you come across any titles even you haven't heard of before?

  4. ewaffle, you're right. If you are on Facebook at all, check out the cool Hong Kong Subtitles group. Funny stuff.

    beyondasiaphilia, If I get and Francis doubles, I'll think of you first!

    AHND, I have a bunch more to post in the coming week =D I have come across a handful of titles that I haven't heard of before. I love it when that happens!


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