Monday, June 27, 2011

Mail Call and More CAT III Laserdiscs

I know.  I know.  I'm getting tired of these laserdisc posts myself.  Another one or two after this one.  I promise.  Thought I'd change it up a bit and add a few recent mail calls to the laserdisc label monotony.  Above is a mail call from today.  An awesome Ebay deal on 16 HK laserdiscs.  Not quite the steal as my mother-load laserdisc purchase but still a great haul for the price.  Some of the discs I am now rolling around naked in are:  PHANTOM WAR, HEART OF KILLER, SEXY AND DANGEROUS, FURY IN RED, BLACK DREAM, OUR NEIGHBORHOOD DETECTIVE, RED WOLF, BIG BROTHER, AND OPERATION SCORPIO.
Another beautiful package I got about 2 weeks ago were these CAT III t-shirts that I found throughout my internet travels.  The shirts are rather cheesily made: heavy ass Cotton, iron on CAT III symbols, and they almost go down to my knees.  Nothing like the freakin' sweet tee's my buddy Brian makes over @ Shelf Life Clothing.  If these two CAT III shirts don't tickle your taint, buy Brians CAT III tee right HERE. I did!   Anyway, Wei's mom is doing me a favor by tailoring (shortening) the shirts for me.  Because, in these tees, I look like Homer Simpson in a moo-moo.
And, here we are again.  My tired new trend.  More laserdiscs.  This is kind of a special post though.  Below are a few discs from my BIG haul.  ALL of these crappers are low rent, shot-on-video, soft core CAT III's.  Now, y'all might believe, according to my CAT III leanings, that I'm a super perv?  Well, you would only be half right.  I need my CAT III to be an actual film. Not a shot on video piece of goop.  Not just ugly starlets sudsing their hirsute naughty bits in a shower and awkwardly banging pock marked losers.  I don't get down with this stuff.  But, I'm a much better person for taking this shit out of circulation.  Once again, you're very welcome!
MY VIRGIN- starring Yvonne Yung-hung and Lee Chung-ling!
JOJO NGAN- On the flip side of the discs is a video-log of HAPPY CHICKEN strumpet, Jojo Ngan.
TRIAD- On the flip side of the disc with ORPHAN
Here's another sweet doodle by Dr. Lamb from THE MILKY WAY WONDERLAND.  Weird thing is, this is exactly how Sleazy K and I review for THIS WEEK IN SLEAZE.  In our stained tightie whities.  How did Dr. Lamb know?  K and I just recorded our latest sleaze-fest and it should be out in a few weeks.  Stay tuned for our 'Shaw Boobies' episode as we track back to the super sexy swingin' 60's at Shaw Bros. famed 'Movie Town.'  Also, after a brief hiatus, PODCAST ON FIRE has returned with a new episode.  If you dig Japanese animation and are a fan of Studio Ghibli, check out the new JAPAN ON FIRE, featuring Hayao Miyazaki's LAPUTA: THE CASTLE IN THE SKY. 

And bringing up the lovely rear, a little more to-do concerning the NYAFF.  They have released this years excellent trailer.  Check it out below.  Also, their website is up an runnin' away.....HERE!  And if that weren't enough, for those of you cool people who are on the up and up with newfangled technology, there is also an Iphone app!!!  Word up!  Get it HERE!  I did!



  1. Stay tuned for our 'Shaw Boobies' episode as we track back to the super sexy swingin' 60's at Shaw Bros. famed 'Movie Town.'

    Does that mean you'll be talking about my favorite sex bomb Fanny Fan? I hope so! :D

    P.S. When are you going to complete your fashion ensemble with a pair of CAT III undies? ;p

  2. Hey Dave! We haven't gotten to Fanny yet. We are still newbies in the realm of the Shaws. Through a few shaw bros. fan-friends we arrived in the mid 60's for a pair of totally different films but ones that include some interesting dirty genre elements. They aren't so super swingin' or sexy, but they are a start!

  3. Hmmm... now I'm curious what those two films are. I think I know one of them. Anyway, I guess I'll just have to wait for your podcast. :)

    When you have the chance, do check out Diary of a Lady-Killer (1969). It's nearly a CAT III film — all it needs is a little more nudity.

  4. Aw, man. i will have to track down Diarly of a Lady Killer, then. Sounds right up my alley!

    The main film we discuss in the podcast is THE KNIGHT OF KNIGHTS. That is our large focus. Glenn from A Pessimist is Never Disappointed pointed me to another film made a year earlier than The Knight of Knights that had some eye popping delights. I only briefly give the film it's due but I lovingly go over every piece of exposed flesh. Because I care! =D

  5. Holy smoke, now you got everyone super intrigued about the coming podcast! When will it be ready? What films will you discuss? Are you guys going to outsleaze yourselves? Do you guys really record in your stained tighty whities?

    So many questions,

  6. Doctor, Doctor....

    To answer your many questions...

    1-I don't know?
    2-You'll have to listen to the show (My Last Sleazy Movie Watched has Charlie Cho in it and is FILTHY!)
    3-It's possible?
    4-Yes. Mine have yellow crust in the front and skid marks in the back. Ken just has blood stains? Weird?


  7. duriandave, I just discovered Diary of a Lady my collection! haha it's still in the package. I'll have to aquaint myself with Fanny! Does she show her fanny?


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