Sunday, June 5, 2011

More HK Laserdiscs

Ahhhhh....some more sexy HK laserdisc labels. So good lookin'. LOVE CHASER. You all remember LOVE CHASER? It contains one of the best scenes lensed in Hong Kong cinema! It's a five hanky film.

WEST BIG HEAVEN KINGaka ESCORT SERVICE. This was my 'Last Sleazy Movies Watched' for our SEX AND ZEN episode of the This Week in Sleaze podcast.

OFFENCE STORM stars Cindy Yip Sin-yi. One of my favorite HK CAT III starlets.

CRAZY EMPEROR. Home of '12 inches Chau.'

I thought the 'pink door' was the front door? Oh. I get it.

ESCAPE FROM BROTHEL. Sophia Crawfords crowning/bushy-as-heck martial arts achievement.

I have MISS BUTTERFLY on VHS but neither the LD or VHS have subs. Anyone know of a subtitled version?


.......More to come.......


  1. Seriously King, what does the fiancée think of all this. HAHAHA

  2. My fiance thinks i'm special. In a bad way. hahaha


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