Monday, May 9, 2011

New York Asian Film Festival 10th Anniversary News

Alrighty then. This past Thursday the fine folks over at Subway Cinema, who run the NYAFF, made a little announcement about this years 10th Anniversary edition of the festival. As far as Hong Kong films at the festival this year, a small time director will be in house for a retrospective of a few of his classic films. Tsui Hark's in the house!!!! And, along with a screening or two of DETECTIVE DEE, a few other pics are being scheduled as we speak, including THE BLADE. Tsui will be headlining the fests retrospect, "Wu Xia: Hong Kong's Flying Swordsmen." Can you say 'Tsui Hark?" I know you can!

Also on the docket is Taiwanese genre helmer, Su Chao-pin. Chao-pin co-directed a small movie this past year called, REIGN OF ASSASSINS. Maybe you have heard of it? His co-directing partner in this crime of a film (not using Michelle Yeoh's voice irked the shit out of me. But I get that it was integral to the story. BAH!) was a one Mr. John Woo. He will be presenting said film as well as a few of his classic films like BETTER THAN SEX.

My tighty whities have been juicy since the news dribbled out late last week and, though the fest schedule is not yet stone, it runs from July 1st through July 14th. I already requested opening weekend off from work. The entire cast has not been set yet so there will possibly be more surprises in store? I spoke to one of the festival folk who said that there is a very slim chance that SEX AND ZEN 3D could make an appearance, though I was told to not hold my breath. A young scamp can dream, can't he? Will I make a fool out of my self this year with some of the festivals famous? Stay tuned to find out!? I'm sure if I put my mind to it, I can!

Also, some cool news for NY'ers this week. At the same theater that holds the NYAFF, The Walter Reade Theater @ Lincoln Center, is the Taiwanese Cinema retrospective; Taiwan Stories: Classic and Contemporary Film From Taiwan. This goodie runs from May 6th through the 19th.

I was planning on attending two films this coming Friday, the King Hu (my blogger namesake) classic, A TOUCH OF ZEN and Doze Niu's cool contempo gangster pic, MONGA. Though I have the DVD and VHS of A TOUCH OF ZEN, I still have yet to see it. I also have the DVD of MONGA, a gift I was given straight from Taiwan. It's a movie I really dug and seeing it on the big screen would be pretty sweet. Seeing BOTH films on the big screen would be pretty sweet. Alas, it's most likely not meant to be. I'm not sure I'm feeling the train ride into NYC this weekend. Plus, there's a three hour lag between films where I will be left to stand around with my thumb up my bum. And I can always do that in the comfort of my own home. So, I'm leaning towards saving some money and just watching the films at home. Home. A true lazy film fans paradise.


  1. Looks like I missed my chance of seeing "Cape No. 7." I could try to catch "Touch of Zen" on Friday but I doubt I will. I have a similar problem, too much time in between thing. These festivals have an amazing knack of showing the films I want to see most when I can't go, must be some sort of addendum to Murphy's Law.

  2. Lucky you! I know that I can't complain, since SF gets more than it's fair share of cool screenings, but let's be honest -- I'm jealous. Actually, I'm more envious about that Taiwan film festival. You'd probably find me at every one of those films if I lived in NY. Still, seeing a Tsui Hark retrospective, especially if it includes Shanghai Blues and Peking Opera Blues, would pretty awesome.

  3. Awesome line up already, count me in as officially jealous Kingwho? The two blues Duriandave mentioned would amazing on the big screen!

  4. Diana, I agree. I suppose I'm not much of a festival person. Way too much time between the GOOD movies. Maybe I will see you at the NYAFF?

    duriandave and AHND, If I lived closer to the city I would be at the Taiwanese festival no problem. It's just such a damn ordeal making way into the city for anything. I'm hoping they show the 'Blues' movies as well. I will camp outside the theater to see those. Zu would be cool to see as well.

  5. File me under jealous as well. Closest thing we got to an asian film festival in Ottawa was when there was the Jackie Chan film festival last year...which was sadly mostly the American cuts and dubs. If you think not hearing Yeoh's voice is off-putting, I'm totally in bizarro land from watching Jackie Chan cruising the streets of Hong Kong listening to 2pac songs.

  6. onemorebullet, hahaha But did you understand the words that were coming out of his mouth?


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