Sunday, December 11, 2011

HK Laserdiscs! Would you like some?

OK, folks.  I have FINALLY taken my lazy pants off and put my stained tighty whitey work undies on.  I got down to business this past weekend and went through ALL of my LD's and cataloged them.  I weeded out my doubles and triples and have provided them in the list below.  Unfortunately the titles are rather pedestrian and nothing too cool or obscure.  With the exception of one or two.  Oh.  And the final count of LD's............805!!!  I couldn't believe it myself.  Can you say, "HK movie loser?"  I know you can!  Anyway, if anyone is interested in trading or buying, let me know.  I only have three that have original covers and they have been listed as such. Take a gander....

The Inspector Wears Skirts IV
Royal Tramp
Royal Tramp II
Destination 9th Heaven
Chungking Express
Crime Story
Psycho Killer
Taxi Hunter
City Hunter
Master Wong Vs. Master Wong
Hero of Hong Kong 1949
Once Upon a Time in China IV
Growing Up
Love and the City
Full Contact
We're No Bad Guys
The Thief of Time
Legend of the Chiu Chow Brothers
Love...Amoeba Style
Don't Give a Damn
God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai
Ashes of Time
The Bodyguard From Beijing
Man Wanted
Fist and Guts
Fussy Ghost
Wicked City
My Father is a Hero
The Story of Pei-li
The New Marvelous Double (in bad shape)
My Body, Your Soul
Cause We Are So Young
Deadful  Melody
All Men Are Brothers: Blood of the Leopard
End of the Road
The Most Wanted
I Will Wait For You
Awakening (Yam and Wong)
Laughter of Water Margins
Black Cat
Lucky Encounter
The Twin Dragons
Wonder Seven
Fong Sai Yuk
Tian Di
Iron Monkey II
One of the Lucky Ones (has cover)
A Woman and a Man '93
Daughter of Darkness
Hong Kong Valentino
Come on Girls
Satin Steel
The Dare Devils
Talk To Me Dicky
The Blade
Informer (has cover)
Erotic Hero Tale
Angel Hunter
The Red Wolf
Nobody Ever Cheats
A Gleam of Hope
Hi Sir (has cover)

Hong Kong Godfather (Andy Lau)
Touch and Go

Does anything tickle your pickle?  Also, be advised that I have not tested any of these so I'm not certain about the picture quality.  I will definitely do so if you ask nicely!


  1. holy crap, all those are duplicates. You hardcore bro, you hardcore.

  2. I'm interested in Pedicab Driver,Street of Fury, Once upon a time in triad society,Underground banker and sexy and dangerous. Can we sort something out Jared?

  3. I would love to buy Once Upon A Time in Triad Society and Beyond Hypothermia. Let me know what you want for them!

  4. and Organized Crime & Triad Bureau

  5. email me: Thanks so much, would love to get my hands on these flicks!


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