Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rock On Fire (1994)

Just a quick action clip from the CAT III nudie/actioner ROCK ON FIRE aka GIRL ON FIRE, from 1994. Pretty sweet film on the T&A and gun/foot/fist play fronts. Kind of an obscure pic that was lost in the sea of early 90's boobs and butt productions. The film also includes a necrophilia scene (not shown in the above clip. Perverts.) as genre stalwart Stuart Ong sticks it to the recently deceased Suen Tong. I believe the scene may have been trimmed for the HK release? The version I viewed appeared to have the scene intact. Corpses are for loving.

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  1. There was some stuff cut for the cinema release but put in for video, some small bits of dialogue even which is why the subs don't show up. The necrophilia scene I'm not sure of but it definitely was removed from the UK version.

    Stuart Ong apparently had no problem doing some of the most out there, heinous stuff in HK movies.


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