Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Moo Shu

Like 'Friday Filler', 'Monday Moo Shu' is when i'm too lazy to write anything or don't have much to say. I thought 'Monday Moo Shu' rolled off the tongue nicely? And made me hungry. So I went with it. And now i'm eating. So enjoy Shum Wai's SCANNERS moment from the 1986 Nam Nai-choi directed THE GHOST SNATCHERS. Also included is a fractured sub, Gordon Liu Chia-hui in a kung fu en espanol VHS ad, and a sweet clip of the #1 vampire killer/ghost buster, Lam Ching-ying taking on Billy Chow Bei-lei in the super cool WIZARD'S CURSE, from 1992. Enjoy the moo shu!


"Why you take off my pant?"- PITUITARY HUNTER (1982)

Donde esta el zapataria?



  1. Wow, that head blow up is right up there with the paper bag and confetti head "explosion" from the ridiculous 'Cut and Paste' job that was NINJA THE VIOLENT SORCERER with Chiang Tao, Lu Feng and Norman Tsui Siu Keung.


  2. ahahahahaaaa! i don't know whether i like the head explosion or the gordon liu ad more. great, great stuff!

  3. Venoms5: I never saw Ninja and the Violent Sorcerer. Is it worth checking out? Pituitary Hunter had it's moments but did not live up to it's great title. It's worth a look, though.

    Achillesgirl: Much obliged. That Gordon Liu ad is from a company from the late 80's-early 90's, located in SF. They were pirated by Tai Seng Entertainment who put them out of business, took their stock, and placed their own Tai Seng labels over the existing ones. Tai Seng were like triads. And supposedly run by Vietnamese!?

  4. Yeah I've heard Tai Seng weren't on the up and up as well.


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