Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mail Call and Shout Outs!!!

Ms. Mail Lady delivered another beautiful package to me yesterday. A box o' HK laser discs. I'm about 25 years late to the laser disc party but better late than never. I got my first one last X-mas and have since amassed a small collection of 80 discs! Money that could have gone into savings for a house or a wedding or to pay off that dang engagement ring! But, whatever? Money well spent. Houses, wives, and Blood Diamonds come and go but laser discs are forever. Now, all I need is an actual laser disc player and then i'll be cookin' with grease! About 20 of these laser discs, i'm happy to report, are of the CAT III variety. Below are a few pics of the most recent dirty pretty things.




Through the miracle of Facebook, I have also amassed many a HK film lovin' friend. Each has their own beautiful flavor and spin on our beloved cinema and have so gosh darn much to give. And, along with their friendship, they have given me many moments of mirth, contemplation, and in regards to the Shelf Life Clothing Company, large man-nipple coverage. Please check out my buddy Brian Kirby's clothing company for some kick ass gear. Original works of bright and wonderful Asian/western/action film inspired art adorn t-shirts, polos, hoodies, skate decks, posters, and jackets. I have ordered a thing or two from Shelf Life and parade the gear around proudly. I'm the cock of the walk when i'm in my Shelf Life clothing.

Look at this studly blogmaster in his rockin' Shelf Life gear! Don't you wish you were like him? I know I do!

Another great Shelf Life purchase. Keeps me warm when the cold winds of racially motivated irony blow!


Mr. Kirby, while biding his time and noodling with his next art masterpiece, also runs the Facebook page (that I have mentioned ad nauseum) HONG KONG SUBTITLES. I will allow you to leave my blog to go check out both of Brian's wonderful creations. And if you know what's good for you, and want to be cool like me, order some sweet Shelf Life duds. But please come back! I have someone else I would like you to meet!

Achillesgirl. If you're afraid of a knowledgeable woman with a passion for Asian cinema, then shame on you. You'd be missing out on her wonderful blog (which is in it's infancy) about Asian movies. Check her out as she whips and expounds about HK flickers and her love for the mighty mighty Shaw Bros. Achillesgirl is also lending her kung fu kickin' cranium to the Hong Kong Cinemagic site as a top Shaw Bros. film reviewer. Take a look at some of her work:



Achillesgirl gots the goods! I would love to keep her blog truckin', so spread the word far and wide. She's an alternative and refreshing voice that cuts nicely through the faux kung fu cinema fan machismo bullshit.


  1. Same Erotic Hero Tale ld I just got. Subs mentioned on back, none on the movie. Oh well.

  2. Yup. I had a torrent of the movie too and it didn't have subs either. Fooled by HK movie packaging yet again! Drats!

  3. Best blog ever, Jared, haha! As usual, I crack up and a million thanks for the support!

    Like the picture of the menu - I'll need an extra large secret lap napkin for the "tripe medley".

    Yes kids, achillesgirl ALSO wears Shelf Life clothing, which is how she got so cool. Now she can laugh away the racially motivated irony - no problem!


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