Monday, October 18, 2010

Love Is Over (1993)


Damn! It's been 2 weeks since my last post? I would like to blame my brief hiatus on laziness but it's work that's been kicking my butt. I've been doing some unwanted overtime and when i'm not at work i'm usually hitting the pillow and dreaming CAT III dreams. Instead of another quick round of Monday Moo Shu I decided to give you a quick look at the enjoyable CAT III bang around, LOVE IS OVER.

LOVE IS OVER is a 1993 nudie romp that sees some popular CAT III players play with each other. My booty snatchin' sifu, Charlie Cho Cha-lee, plays a lecher (of course) whose goal in the film is to bed the lovely mamasan of a massage parlor, played by the oft naked stunner, Otoma Rena. This slight plotting opens itself up to a ton of grab assing at the hands of Charlie and his cohorts, Lee Chung-ling and Chui Bo-lun, two actors no stranger to sticking it to the lovelies in HK skinema. Dirty shenanigans ensue, much to our delight. Hooray!

LOVE IS OVER is an erotic comedy whose strength primarily lies in it's familiar actors and their well known predilection for ass play. When you have all of these wonderful CAT III faces in one film you sure hope not to see much of their faces. Along with genre stalwarts Charlie Cho Cha Lee, Lee Chung-ling, Chui Bo-lun, and Otomo Rena, we get bits by Amy Wong Oi-mei, who's possibly best known for her turn as the girlfriend of Simon Yam Tat-wah in DR. LAMB. Stuart Ong also shows up in very funny support including a laugh out loud conclusion. The first 15 minutes or so of the film is given to the lovely Pauline Chan Bo-lin. Here she plays the wife of Cho and in an extended sex scene with her hubby, Pauline is given the CAT III treatment, and we're all the more better for it. Chan is sexed up by Cho and the camera just loves her. After this intercourse interlude, Chan is given short shrift as she only makes a few short appearances throughout the remainder of the film. And she is fully clothed. As in the vast majority of HK CAT III cinema, it's a man's world here and LOVE IS OVER is for the boys.

The majority of us that have followed HK and CAT III cinema know the sad story (or what parts are available) of Pauline Chan Bo-lin. Pauline was more than just another pretty face. She actually had talent outside of displaying her naked body. And that talent far outreached the constraints of CAT III film. But as the good ol' days of CAT III came to a close, the taint of the seedier side of HK cinema seemed difficult to scrub away and her film roles were few and far between.
I'm not a biographer or an essayist so i'm not going to attempt to chronicle her life and/or downfall, but in my blog travels I have come across a post or two that so excellently, and in brief, tells her tale. Written by blogger friend Brian over at his great site, Asian Cinema-While on the Road, Brian does us all a service in writing about this notable woman in HK cinemas wild history. He also includes a few reviews of some of Pauline's films. Most of the films are widely available so if you haven't done so yet, check 'em out.


Below are links to two separate posts about Pauline from Asian Cinema-While on the Road as well as some shots of the sexy poster I have for the film. Enjoy!




Pauline Chan Bo-lin

What my dreams are made of...

The End


  1. Your blog has the distinction of being the ONLY Cat III read I actually read. Enjoyable as always, King Who. Sweet dreams!;)

  2. "predilection for ass play" !

    That phrase puts me in my mind of this Louis CK bit about his girlfiend and his own no-no spot: "Do you want something up there?" morphing into "Would you like something up there?" into "Would you let me put something up there?"

    I'm paraphrasing to keep it decent.

  3. Achillesgirl: Thank you muchly. Am I the ONLY CAT III read out there? hahaha

    Glenn: I really never got into Louis CK but I have always heard good things. A friend of mine used to rave about his HBO show and keeps telling me he is going to copy the dvd's for me bc, "Dude, you HAVE to see it. It's so f**ckin' funny." Have you seen the show and is it worth seeking out?


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