Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Moo Shu

So, work has been a bear this past week and i've been lazier than usual. Trying to catch up on some zzzzz's and really don't feel like posting anything heady. I have more HK/US film locations to post as well as my final day at the NYAFF, which was way back in July!? Damn! I AM lazy. I also have a butt load of HK posters to throw up here. I'll get to it. Eventually. So as I sit here nursing my evening energy drink, I've decided to post some quick and easy nonsense as part of my Monday Moo Shu, ie. Kingwho? is a lazy so and so! Above is a pic of HK film critic Paul Fonoroff's rare book Silver Light: A Pictorial History of Hong Kong Cinema-1920-1970. The book was sold to me (for a rather meager paypal transaction fee) by a buddy of mine, Glenn, over at the ever readable A Pessimist is Never Disappointed blog. I have yet to tear into the packaging, sit, and enjoy the book but I plan to do so soon. Thanks again, Glenn!
I dislike reading film reviews, so in general, I don't. Even my own. It's all diarrhea of the mouth and who the F are you to tell me what you think and how I should think? And are you really going to tell me about the whole f'reakin' movie?! Really?! I much prefer to read a quick note or bullet review on a film. Nudge me in the right direction and let me take it from there. Above is a post it note I found on a laser disc I purchased from Ebay. It's from the CAT III Pauline Chan Bo-lin film, A SUDDEN LOVE. The film is quick and painless and has it's fair share of CAT III T&A, plus a very relaxed and assured performance by Pauline. She looks wonderful here and is even fully clothed until the very end! Anyway, this pink post it note sports my kind of review: A SUDDEN LOVE stars a deceased nudie starlet, a guy named Dick, has English subs, and is CAT III! Sold!

Pictured here is one of the coolest items of clothing you are bound to see. Anywhere. Ready just in time for Bullets Over Chinatown's fall fashion week, Brian over at Shelf Life Clothing has rubbed one out for the fans. A limited edition CAT III beauty of a T. I'm not sure if this will be available to the general, non CAT III lovin', population? Best thing to do is click on over to Shelf Life Clothing and hit up Brian. He's a swell guy. Pick up a cart full of his other kick booty clothing to butter him up a bit. I plan on at least buying 2 of these bad boys as I fear that one of them will end up rather sticky? Or bloody? Or both?

The man, the myth, the King of CAT III himself, Sleazy K from So Good Reviews, branches out with the video review site, Sleazy K's Video. Sleazy K had a messy break-up with that bitch whore, and took his goodies elsewhere to pimp out to the sticky floor crowd. Now, with his own site, K offers up dirty ass video reviews as companion pieces to his great smut write ups from his main So Good Reviews site. It's a CAT III lovers wet dream! Sleazy K's is open for business, so come on in! Just remember to clean up after yourself. If you don't have a tissue, then use a sock.

"With me here, you'll enjoy sex."

"I can enjoy two girls at the same time"


Charlie Cho Cha-lee bides his time while waiting for his limited edition CAT III T from Shelf Life Clothing. Oh Charlie! You're incorrigible!
The below video is a great sequence from the wonderful 1999 Riley Yip Kam-hung film, METADE FUMACA. The film comes highly recommended and is chock full of notables. The video here shows my second all time favorite sequence in a HK film. The first being the tea house shoot-out in John Woo's, HARD BOILED. I remember rewinding this sequence numerous times and just gushing in wonder. Set up like a music video and set to the catchy Brazilian flavored tune, Refazenda, by Gilberto Gil, the scene lovingly flashes back to the HK triad scene of the 70's and pits Stephen Fung Tak-lun vs. Sam Lee Chan-sam. Also lookout for appearences by Vincent Kok Tak-chiu, Tony Ho Wah-chiu, Jessica Chan Pooi-wa and Cheung Tat-ming. Enjoy!


  1. Glad the book found an appreciative owner and thanks for the kind words as well.

    I also echo some of your sentiments about reviews. Personally, I find I write reviews that are too long. I have been trying to shorten them and leave out some of the plot bits and just focus on my impressions since a blog is a personal thing anyway.

    My Shakespeare teacher always said "Shorter is better" as far as writing goes. He won 3 Emmys for writing so maybe I should listen to his advice.

  2. Glenn, I like your reviews. They aren't as lengthy as you think. The format you use spaces things out nicely making them appear lengthy. I don't mind reading them. I like the blog, 1minutefilmreview:

    while not always great reviews, they are short and sweet.

    I remember a blog post of yours that mentioned your teacher who won Emmy's. What was his name and what did he win Emmy's for?

  3. I'm at the point where I don't read other people's reviews unless I know them personally, and am pretty sick of my own reviews too. blah blah blah.

    I await your NY Film Fest writeup!

  4. Thanks again.

    Your story about the laserdiscs was so good and funny on so many levels -- it said a lot about the art of collecting, I think, as you were buying stuff in a format you didn't even have a player for. I think anyone could enjoy your writing there even if they knew nothing about HK cinema. I made my internet-challenged friend read it and, while he won't sell you his laserdisc player, I think he'll be on the lookout for one cheap and pass word to me to pass to you.

    Michael Olmert, He won the Emmys for Walking with Dinosaurs, and other similar programs. I haven't talked to him in a few years.

    He used to make fun of stuff like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and finally in one of the Shakespeare courses, one of the star pupils got a guy to actually deliver a pizza in the middle of the class and it was like watching a recreation of Taylor Negron as "Pizza Guy", and Mr. Hand and Spicoli only Dr. Olmert loved the gesture.

    I echo most of achillesgirl's sentiments as a rule so, yes please, more stuff about the NY Film Fest!

  5. Sylvia- I assume it's a cliche thing with writers that they dislike their own work? I'm just tired of trying to analyze for others. I seriously just want to write reviews the size of a post it note. Just give a slight shove in the right direction. Figure it out on your own. I'm just a schlub. It's unimportant what I think.

    Glenn, that's an awesome story. He sounds like a great guy and teacher. I've had literature/film teachers who were stiff twats.

    Also, please tell your friend thank you. And thank YOU as well. That is one of my most recognized posts. I'm contradicting myself, and though it's flawed, the story is still pretty funny.

    As for my final NYAFF's been so long I think I might have forgotten what the heck happened?! I've been trying to recollect the day and I can't piece things together. Alcohol is a bitch! =P

    Thanks guys/gals! I really appreciate your comments.

  6. But dude, I really want you to tell us about Leung Siu Lung!


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