Sunday, July 29, 2012

Operation Scorpio aka The Scorpion King- 蠍子戰士 (1992)

Alternative poster for the David Lai Dai-wai martial actioner, OPERATION SCORPIO.  A rather underrated fight film in the old school vein.  Liu Chia-liang and Chin Ka-lok play master and student, respectively, as they go up against the magnificent ass-kicker, Kim Won-jin and his scorpion style kung-fu.  At first, scorpion style looks like nonsense, but Kim pulls this stunt off like a champ.   Just look at Kim in the poster. That's some HK cinema villain badassery.

 The incredibly buff Frankie Chan Chi-leung.  Frankie enjoys a side of roids with his rice. 

Kim Won-jin rockin' that scorpion style!


  1. I remember anticipating this from the posters at...can't recal if it was Sun Sing, Music Palace or Rosemary, but it did deliver when it finally opened, though maybe the story a little sillier filler expected perhaps? Still, the innovative choreography of Liu Chia Liang was in fine, near post modern form. It was fast paced in the way of the modern action that was a staple back then.

  2. Chin Ka Lok at his best too. Great daydream sequence.


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