Saturday, August 18, 2012

Posters From Mom's Attic

Sorry for the brief non-HK movie post.  But I thought this garbage was worthy of a show and tell.   As I have mentioned before, I finally made the move to the new house.  Over the past few weeks I've been breaking my back and producing copious amounts of swamp ass juice moving house during the dog days of summer.  Lucky me.  Along with moving my HK movies out of storage and into their new home I also climbed up into my mother's attic (No, that's not a euphemism you sickos)  and brought on home my collection of non HK movies and posters. 
The posters I've pictured here I don't even remember buying?  They must have come in an Ebay lot.  Save for CHAMPION OF DEATH, I've never even heard of these movies.  This must have been a 4 a.m., shit faced Ebay purchase.  Why the heck would I buy these crap posters?

I read somewhere that SHANGHAI NOON was modeled after this film.  NO. Not really.

Starring Black Jack Chan! Get out!  You don't say?!  "These turkeys fight dirty.  Black Jack gets mean.  He kicks not their legs, but just in between."  Ha!  I must track this down.  Is this even a real movie?  This just goes to prove, malt liquor and Ebay after hours do not mix.  You've been warned.


  1. "This just goes to prove, malt liquor and Ebay after hours do not mix. You've been warned." A good public service announcement.

    The poster for "The Bamboo Trap" could be for a zombie movie with bright (very bright) primary colors splashed around. It is weirdly intriguing.

  2. Yeah. that poster is actually the coolest of the bunch. up close, it looks as if a young child drew it while remembering a nightmare.

  3. Kill and Kill Again just got a remastered dvd release from Scorpion. ;)


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