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Pauline, a contemptuous young tramp, is ordered by the court to live with her aunt and uncle for a spell so she can cool her heels (which seem to hang out around her ears a lot) while her father sorts out her affairs before they can return to the states. She's a wild trollop and has trouble shaking her whorish ways once in her extended family's care. Her aunt is a put upon woman charged with taking care of her husband, a wheel chair bound man whose only real issue in the film is the one with his gimpy third leg. Add a sexually curious young neighbor into the mix with the hots for 'ol auntie and what you have is a rather erotic CAT III flicker. And none to bad.

There is a butt load of nookie going on in this flick, and sometimes the nookie is even in the butt! If you're a Hong Kong skinema fan, than pull up a chair and uncap that Vaseline jar. This ones for you. The heat gets turned up, things get sultry, and sweat isn't the only stain left behind.
Mustache rides, $1.00

Oh! The passion.

An interesting situation springs up in this dirty soap opera when Pauline tries to enact some revenge on her auntie for stealing her young man crush. Armed with the Hong Kong cinema sex potion known only in HK movie subs as 'philtre,' Pauline spikes the couples soup. And then, well, it becomes a wild scene, man. All three of them strip down bare ass an go at it! Auntie, uncle, and niece get it on. Pauline goes down on her uncle, Pauline goes down on her aunt (and her backside too!), auntie goes down on Pauline! Pauline and auntie bump their bits! All of this sweaty action culminating in a torrid three-way on uncles wheelchair, Pauline pausing now and again to sneak a quick blackmail snapshot. It's a freaky family affair. And I really enjoyed my time with them.

Climb on. Let's play Murderball.
HIDDEN PASSION is a crazy ass piece of erotica. The last half of the film is an endurance test of slap and tickle that contains booty scene after booty scene after booty scene after booty scene and only hard core CAT III fans need unzip. Good times. Good naked times.

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