Thursday, November 4, 2010

SAUSALITO (2000) SF film locations pt.5

After a long ass day of hoofing it around San Francisco, Wei went back to the hotel to rest up before we had to head back out and on over to AT&T Park for the Giants/A's game. I wanted to rest up as well, as we had been out walking and sightseeing all day, but I pressed on. With blog homework on my mind, I Tiger Balmed my aching knees and calves and pounded some more pavement to find more SAUSALITO filming locales. I was a tourist for sure, fumbling with about three different maps as I trekked through the SOMA neighborhood. Showing disregard for life and limb, I paid no attention to traffic signals, rarely looking both ways as I crossed streets. I got lost a time or two and had to double back a few blocks here and there, but was able to make it to a few different locations. This locale, as seen in the accompanying pics, is in the SOMA neighborhood on Natoma Street, between 10th and 11th streets.

It's red colored garage door with yellow painted sun burst make this loft stick out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of the industrial gray colored homes on Natoma. In the film, this location makes for Leon Lai Ming's workspace. The actual interior is shown in the film and it's beautiful and spacious. These exterior shots from the movie have been taken after Maggie (shown above) spends the night at Leon's joint and does the walk of shame through the Farmer's Market, before returning with some food and sundries for her new boy toy's love shack.

Above you can see Maggie after she returns with her groceries. After an awkward encounter with Richard Ng (shown on the right), she continues past the apartment, and walks towards 11th street. Below you'll see the garage door sun damaged and worn. A darker shade of paint possibly covering rust or graffiti?

This locale was my final SAUSALITO spot to hit before I moved on to a rather bland THE WESLEY'S MYSTERIOUS FILE location. So, I was kinda excited to hit it and quit it. At this point in my warm and sunny late afternoon journey, I was roasting. Swamp ass was settling in and I had sweat all of the Tiger Balm from legs. I hurried down Natoma, approaching from 10th street. As I got closer to the building, I checked my camera for the correct setting and began to point and shoot as I walked. I noticed an Asian man getting out of his car across from the building. He made toward the front of the home and noticed me taking pics. He stopped and stood for a while, scoping me out. I stopped taking pics and went back to my map, pretending like a 10 year old that I wasn't doing anything? What? Who me? Taking pictures? Pshaw!

I walked past the house on the opposite side of the street, nose in map, heading toward 11th street. I turned around to see if this dude was still checking me out and there he stood. Giving me the stink eye! I made it to 11th street, still pretending to be lost and delirious, turning around every now and again to check on the Asian dude with the stink eye. Finally, he left the area. I made my way back down Natoma, this time on the same side of the street as Leon's workspace, walking by the same spaces once occupied by Maggie and Richard, snapping some closeups of the door, and then skedaddled my swampy butt out of there before stink eye guy came around again.

After the Natoma street incident, like I mentioned earlier, I walked over to a crappy THE WESLEY'S MYSTERIOUS FILE locale, and then high tailed back to the hotel to shower, talcum my bottom and get ready for the Giant's game. The game was excellent. It's difficult to beat free field level seats, garlic fries, a few beers, and a Giants win. Below is the view from our seats as you can see 'The Freak',Tim Lincecum, mid-delivery of a nasty fastball. The beautiful SF twilight lights the scene.
Back at the hotel around midnight, I whipped out the Tiger Balm and did sort of an all over thing. That menthol burn never felt so good.


  1. haha, great story! Are you sure the guy wasn't just checking you out? :P

  2. Hahaha That is possible. It must have been the faint scent of Tiger Balm lingering on the soft breeze. Reminding him of his youthful days as a young scamp roaming the Chinese countryside. On his return home his elderly grandfather would strip him down and rub his nubile aching body with Tiger Balm and then...... =P

    A little CAT III rumination....

    *I have issues* =P hahaha

  3. I never even noticed that garage door on Natoma. I don't go around SOMA much nowadays; no reason.

    Elderly grandfather + CAT III = ewwwww!

  4. haha That would be a CAT III movie that I would gladly skip =P

    As far as I remember the SOMA neighborhood was nothing special. I have another location or two from SOMA on the way.

  5. I certainly hope everybody would gladly skip that movie.


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