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The CAT III-goodies reliable Lam Yee-hung, director of such hey day nudie trash like PROSTITUTE, LIU JAI: HOME FOR THE INTIMATE GHOST, THE OTHER SIDE OF DOLLS, and THE STORY OF LADY SUE, lenses a silly soft core bangabout with, LOVE NEST aka LOVE BIRDS. Yee-hung's game from the early 90's onward was almost exclusively about naked ladies and he has a masters hand in soft focus freakin'. His form is nicely on display here in LOVE NEST. The copy I watched only runs about 75 minutes, and with a few chops in editing, leads me to believe that there is an uncut version available. Maybe under its aka title, LOVE BIRDS? But fear not. This version is more than serviceable and contains enough naked bits and pieces to hold your attention as you hold yourself (I think I have used that joke before? Crap as it is. I need a new shtick.). Yee-hung also includes a familiar ditty or two in the form of instrumental love making interludes to Kenny G's 'Silhouette' and The Eagles 'I Can't Tell You Why?" Nothing says hot sex like the swingin' sounds of Adult Contemporary music.

The lame-o story centers on the burgeoning relationship between Eliza Yue Chi-wah and Dennis Tang Chung-kwan. Upon discovering his hookerish girlfriend, played by the awesomely named Lily Lee Lee-lee (say that name 10 times fast), is, well, acting like a hooker, a distraught Dennis takes off in his Wrangler. Beside himself, he proceeds in getting into a head on collision. Vehicle vs. vehicle. Head vs. steering wheel. This incident leaves him blind and sends him into seclusion in his mothers home. His mother, at wits end as to what to do with her now handicapped curmudgeon of a son, hires the nubile Eliza to tend to his affairs. And i'm sure you can guess what happens next? Baw chicka-wah-wah. It's a Vaseline lensed bang-a-thon for the remainder of the film as Eliza teaches Dennis to live dammit! Live!

Marco?! Marco?! Fish out of water?!

OK. Let me see what I'm working with here...

...bite size.

I'm your Birthday Cake.

Ok, so as Eliza slowly brings Dennis back to reality, she also persuades him to visit the opthamologist, or 'oculist', as it says in the subtitles. The oculist says his blindness can be cured via laser treatment, as the subs state, "There's no need an cutlery operation," because "the sight nerve is not ruined." As you can see in the photos above and below, the oculist and his little white magic laser beams finally cure Dennis of his malady. And now Dennis can finally see the girl he has been buggering for the past few weeks and he and Eliza live happily ever after. I think he should have also asked the doctor for a shot of penicillin?

I also reviewed another Eliza Yue Chi-wai film, ANGER GIRL, earlier this year. ANGER GIRL was a decent girls-with-guns drama, including a touch of Eliza nudity for the pervs. Go HERE to read that review and see my ANGER GIRL poster and VHS. I have around 17 or so other Lam Yee-hung smutters that I hope to throw out here in the future. Stay tuned.

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  1. Glad to hear he didn't need a cutlery operation. Those can be so costly.


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