Saturday, July 23, 2011

Her Judgement Day-剃刀情人 (1993)


HER JUDGEMENT DAY is another movie I have yet to come across.  Not for lacking of searching (There is a janky copy floating around somewhere online).  I have had my feelers out for this flick for some time now and I have finally tracked it down.  A virtual buddy of mine in good ole HK has a VCD and will be making a copy of it for me.  Oh happy day! This virtual world friendship thing is paying off in spades....and dvd-r's!

Speaking of virtual world friends, a few weeks back I posted that I in fact met up with a virtual friend for dim sum in C-town.   He brought along a poster tube full of goodies for me.  After our grazing on cha siu bao, dan ta, and other assorted push cart fare we said our 'so longs.'  I was giddy like a little school girl and couldn't wait to get home and open the package.  Once Wei and I got back to the car, my X-mas morning excitement got the better of me and I tore into the tube.  This poster was the first one that greeted me.  If you could have seen my face.  My drawers became immediately moist.  Gosh love my virtual friends!  He surprised the crap out of me with this poster, and a few more CAT III beauties that I hope to post soon.
The poster for HER JUDGEMENT DAY looks absolutely bad-ass with the lovely Mondi Yau Yuet-ching clutching a bloody straight edge.  I'm fearing the worst with this film, though.  I have been searching far and wide for so long that I quite possibly built it up too much.  I put the Pu**y on a pedestal, so to speak.  I'm hoping against hope that HER JUDGEMENT DAY is leaps and bounds better than I expect?  The film also stars Jimmy Lung Fong, Wu Ma, Suen Hing, Lo Lieh, and William Ho Kau-kui and was directed by Lau Hung-chuen, who directed the solids DEVIL FETUS and CHAMPION OPERATION.  So, I think I'm safe?


  1. Cool poster, I've never heard of this movie. Hope you're not disappointed Kingwho? Can't wait to see the others you scored!

  2. Hi,

    I am also looking for this movie Her Judgement Day-剃刀情人....

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