Sunday, July 17, 2011

Princess Madam (1989)

This poster has seen better days but it's comes straight outta HK and is well over 20 years old.  It's been around the block....and then some!  As was I by the age of 20.  Cut and paste overlord Godfrey Ho Jeung-keung's 1989 foxes with firearms actioner is a rather coherent delight, in respects to his other smush-'em-up productions.  Having the always fine Moon Lee Choi-fung and Michiko Nishiwaki bash about usually signals a good time, and here it does, but it's Sharon Yeung Pan-pan who is the actual star of this she-ra show.

Michiko Nishiwaki and Liu Kai-chi

Anthony Tang Ho-gwong and Yueh Hua

Kenneth Tsang Kong and Cheng Yuen-man

Sharon Yeung Pan-pan

Moon Lee Choi-fung

Sharon, Moon, and Michiko in a menage-a-trois....of action.

The film is swift fun and rather enjoyable.  Michiko Nishiwaki is the villainess and is so wonderfully sexy and dangerous.  She and the great HK film jack of all trades, James Ha Chim-si, even get to live it up with a little CAT III specialness.  It's good times.  And when isn't it good times when 3 sexy ladies get down on it?
Check out my limey buddy's blog, A Gwailo In Hong Kong, who reviewed this very movie a few days back. He's a cool cat who traipses through the streets of Lan Kwa-fong nightly looking for sweet ex-pat punani.  My man!


  1. "Princess Madam" was one of the first girls without guns movies I saw. It definitely got me impressed with Sharon Yeung Pan Pan -- whose best film, I reckon, is the ultra-gritty "Angel Terminators" (whose DVD is, alas, minus English subs).

  2. Hi, YTSL! I also like Sharon Yeung pan-pan but I don't believe she is as well known here in the west? I think Moon Lee and Michiko Nishiwaki are the two names in Princess Madam that are more well know here? Yeung pan-pan is in the new film Beach Spike! I'm sure you will be running out to see that one?! haha

    Angel Terminators, from what I remember, was really fun. I saw it on VHS with subtitles. I also have the HK LD but I am unsure about the subs? I might have to revisit it?

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  4. Reposting to include product link for anyone interested:

    There is a Tai Seng DVD of ANGEL TERMINATORS with English subs. I was looking through a Toronto used bookstore a couple of years back and was surprised to run across this disc, as I had not heard about it being released. I then laughed out loud upon seeing that I had been quoted on the cover! Was wondering why no one at Tai Seng had told me, until I put it on and saw how terrible the picture was. At any rate, it was still better than the horrible Taiwan bootleg I reviewed for my book.

  5. That is great, John! At least Tai Seng gave you credit. I have seen that version for sale before. It's probably just a dvd transfer of the Tai Seng vhs I have.


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