Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Sniping- 奇兵 (1990)

Another 'Coolest movie you have never seen,' Wilson Tong Wai-shing's quick moving gangster-actioner from 1990, THE SNIPING.  I'm very cognizant that my picture taking skills suck ass, (though I believe that is part of the rag tag charm of this crap blog) but at any rate, this is another cool looking poster.  The film is somewhat a rarity in it's availability though I have seen the laserdisc for sale on Ebay for an exorbitant fee.  The Ebay laserdisc, as well as other copies I've seen floating around on the Internet, lack English subs.  A virtual buddy of mine was able to make me a copy with English subs and I'm so very glad he did because this film is a little mentioned goodie.  A real shame.

Chen Kuan-tai and Norman Chu Siu-keung

Alex Man Chi-leung

Eric Tsang Chi-wai

Dig this tight little action sequence from THE SNIPING.   It's quick take action like this that I sorely miss when watching today's HK cinema.  Energetic and dirty violence.  How I do love thee.
A quick aside here folks.  I'm sure you are all very aware about the unfortunate and senseless rioting that has occurred in England.  I would like to extend my most heartfelt well wishes to everyone who as been affected by this shameful nonsense.  That being said, a few friends from our Asian Cinema community, TERRACOTTA DISTRIBUTION and THIRD WINDOW FILMS, both based in and around a strike zone of violence in Enfield, have lost major stock due to their warehouse being burned to the ground.  Luckily, no one was hurt.   If you could all take a moment and peruse the movies they have to offer and quite possibly shell out a few sheckles for one...or two...or three DVD's, it would be greatly appreciated.  These independent labels already struggle to bring us the films we so love and now they need an even bigger helping hand.  Also, head on over to the PODCAST ON FIRE NETWORK and give a listen to a mini-podcast about this crap situation.   Thanks everyone.  Enjoy!


  1. Born To Be King,
    I'm a huge Alex Man fan and I'm dying to see this. Where can I get a copy?

  2. Yeah, Alex is often a reliable presence. I can make you a copy if you would like?


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