Monday, August 1, 2011

This Week In Sleaze Episode 5- Shaw Boobies! NSFW!!!

Hey ya'll.  It's been a while but This Week In Sleaze is back up and at 'em!  Episode 5, our Shaw Boobies show has Sleazy K and I jibber jabberin' about the 1966 Shaw Bros. flick, THE KNIGHT OF KNIGHTS.  As we discovered, a seminal film in the adult oriented Hong Kong cinema and a signal to the genre excess HK cinema came to be known and loved for.  THE KNIGHT OF KNIGHTS was not as sleazy as we would have liked but we have to start somewhere.  And along with another film that I review on the show, the 1965 Shaw Bros. Romeo and Juliet muck-up, CROCODILE RIVER, we are off to a dang good start.

With this show, Sleazy K and I are attempting to go back in time to discover exactly where HK skinema, or erotica, began.  While THE KNIGHT OF KNIGHTS makes a minor start to our goal, for sheer body parts on display, the girly drama CROCODILE RIVER surprisingly trumps it?  I have provided a few screen shots below, taken from CROCODILE RIVER, as a companion piece to the podcast.  Check out the junk in the trunk!  And everywhere else!  Gosh love that body double! While Ken and I are still in research mode, these scenes of skin are quite possibly some of the earliest put to HK film, circa 1965.  Well, until someone tells us otherwise?  To understand the context of these images, I give a very Mr. Skin-ish account on the show.  Give it a listen!  If anyone can provide us with more knowledge, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us a shout! 

Lau Leung-wa


As for our Last Sleazy Movies Watched segment.....this ones a doozy!   Sleazy K continues his great quest for all things IFD by reviewing the cool Taiwanese film from 1984, DEADLY SILVER ANGELS aka STRONG OF WOMAN aka 5 LADY VENOMS.   It's the lovely Elsa Yeung Wai-san and her rag tag bunch of lady avengers.  Try and keep your pants on!  Then I babble on about the absolutely insane and in entirely poor f**king taste, LAN KWAI FONG SWINGERS, from 1993.  LAN KWAI FONG SWINGERS is yet another Charlie Cho Cha-lee opus and you will get what you freakin' deserve by watching this film.  As I say in the podcast,  I don't know how these scumbag filmmakers sleep at night?!  Poorly fashioned around a tragic true life event, LAN KWAI FONG SWINGERS is a CAT III bang-film of a different kind.  You have been warned.  That being said, I loved it!

Here's but a taste of the dirty LAN KWAI FONG SWINGERS.  A film that just blew my mind.  If you are seeking true exploitation, this film is it.  Ripped from the headlines tragedy plus a whole lotta bangin' going on!?  It's a must-see!  Get the podcast HERE, uncap your jar of Vaseline (Icy-Hot for the hardcore troopers), and prepare to get sticky for the next 3 hours!  It's This Week In Sleaze, Episode 5- Shaw Boobies!


  1. Holy fuck, I did a google search for LAN KWAI FONG SWINGERS because I wanted to do a poster for it and a lot of naughty pics appeared. Mostly male nudie pics too!

  2. hahaha That would make for an interesting poster!? What version of google do you have?!?! hahaha


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